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BREAKING NEWS: Prospect Park Shelves One Life to Live


It looks like the fate of One Life to Live is once again up in the air. According to the LA Times, Prospect Park has shelved the Llanview-set soap until its lawsuit with ABC is over and will instead focus on just All My Children. Lawsuit issues aside, AMC proved much more popular with online audiences than OLTL did.

Prospect Park is shelving "One Life to Live" until the ABC lawsuit is resolved. The team will focus on producing "All My Children," which proved to be the more popular show online. (On TV, "One Life to Live" generated higher ratings.) Writers are currently putting together scripts for a second season.

Kwatinetz is now two years and more than $10 million into the soap business. The learning curve, he said, has been intense.

"Agnes told me this job wasn't for sissies," he said, but added: "If I didn't want to make any mistakes, I would sit back and let other people go figure it out and then just copy them. But then we wouldn't be helping to shape the future of television."

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Reportedly, production of All My Children's second season will begin this month.