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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Britt admits to Nikolas that Patrick is not the baby’s father.  He asks if she’s known all along.  Nik explains how Helena made him think Aiden was his son, and he knows exactly how Patrick feels.  He wonders why Britt would do something so terrible. 

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Felix is shocked when Patrick punches Brad, but Patrick shouts Brad is the baby’s father. He concedes Felix was right all along.  Felix demands the truth from Brad, who admits it.  Felix wants nothing to do with Brad and his lies. 

Sam breaks off the kiss, because Silas is Danny’s doctor. Silas believes he isn’t just the baby’s doctor, and feels something for her. He also thinks she feels the same way.  Sam apologizes for misleading him, and needs him to be a doctor right now. 

Derek catches Alexis staring at him, and she questions whether they’ve met before because he seems familiar.  He denies any familiarity. Derek heads off to prepare for his part of the transplant.  When a nurse asks Alexis to have him fill out some paperwork, Alexis walks in on Derek in his underwear. She quickly becomes flustered. 

Morgan attempts to visit Sonny, but finds Olivia crying over Connie’s death. She's emotional about having to plan her funeral.  Morgan promises AJ won’t go free, because he found the weapon and the police have it.  Olivia always felt AJ was pathetic and not dangerous.   

Morgan complains about Kiki and Michael, and Olivia understands. She’s upset she and Connie were on bad terms when she died, and can't make things right. She tells Morgan family comes first, and Michael will always have his back.   

Michael goes to the boathouse angry with Morgan for turning in the gun.  Kiki explains how Morgan found it, and at first, Michael thinks Morgan could have dumped the gun to frame AJ. However, Kiki talks him out of that theory.  Kiki tells him how angry Morgan was at her for going to the station to see Michael. She just felt she had to be there for him. 

Michael tells her everyone said AJ would fall into a downward spiral. He knows AJ needs him, but Michael has no memories of AJ as a dad. Sonny has always been his father.  He’s worried Sonny is going through hell, while he’s taking care of AJ. He’s beginning to think AJ murdered Connie.

Britt explains to Nikolas she was always the quick fling girl, and men never saw her as the marrying type.  Then, she met Patrick and told her mother, who insisted Britt chase him.  Britt hoped for the happy ending, but she was the fling Patrick had to get over Robin. Then, he dumped her.  Britt’s mother told her the baby would make Patrick love her, but it didn’t. 

Nikolas tells Britt she had no right to mess with Patrick’s life.  Britt thanks him for being a friend to her, and will leave immediately. Nikolas tells her to stay the night, because it would be bad manners to put her out. 

Patrick returns home and tells Sabrina the baby isn’t his. He updates Sabrina on all the details of what just happened with Britt and Brad. He's more than upset they made him believe he would be a father to a boy.  Patrick wanted the father-son relationship he never had with his father. However, he’s also glad Britt is out of their lives for good. 

Patrick worries about what to tell Emma, who’s already been through so much.  Sabrina promises to help him with it, and prepares to leave. However, Patrick begs her to stay. 

Alexis tells Sam about seeing Derek in his underwear.  Sam tells her mother she kissed Silas, and worries she got carried away.  Alexis wonders if she has feelings for Silas, but Sam wants to focus on Danny. She stresses Silas is a friend only.   

Silas explains the procedure to Derek, and begins the process.  Sam thanks Silas and Derek for their help. 

Olivia checks on Sonny and tells Morgan she found a goodbye note.