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General Hospital: Perkies Observations



Nik overhears Britt making plans with a realtor to look for a place to stay, and tells her that she’s not in any condition to be roaming around.  He warns it’s too much to handle on her own, and the stress isn’t good for her or the baby.  Nikolas feels the baby’s father should bear some responsibility, and needs to help Britt find a place to stay. 

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Kiki’s upset Morgan didn’t come home all night, but he tells her that he was out looking for Sonny, who left a goodbye note.  He explains Sonny is bipolar, and they are worried about him.  Kiki assures Morgan she’s there for him. 

Olivia continues to worry Sonny did something to himself, but Dante reassures her Sonny wouldn’t kill himself. He believes Sonny is simply off clearing his head. 

AJ is grateful Michael is at the courthouse supporting him.  Michael claims there are many people who care about AJ, including Liz, despite what AJ said to her about Jake.  AJ isn’t so certain, and wants to plead guilty. 

Carly finds Franco getting dressed, and he informs Carly he’s being released from the hospital just in time to go to his pre-trial hearing.  Franco complains he won’t enjoy prison, but Carly thinks he may have changed enough to sway a jury.  Patrick gives Franco a clean bill of health.  Franco asks if Carly can come with him to the courthouse, since he has no one else. Diane asks for something mysterious from Brad, and he gives it to her in a bag. 

Felix and Sabrina discuss Patrick’s loss.  Felix tells her that he almost kissed Brad.  Felix accuses Brad of being a liar.  Brad claims his feelings for Felix aren’t a lie, but Felix vows he’ll never return the feelings. 

Carly sees Liz reading the newspaper about AJ’s arrest, and tells her that she knew AJ would disappoint Michael. She feels it’s good both Michael and Liz found out what kind of man AJ really is.  Carly cares about Liz because of their connection, and she’s worried about her.  She hopes Liz has now seen AJ’s true colors. 

Diane tries to convince AJ not to plead guilty, since it will mean an immediate life sentence.  AJ feels he’s lost everything, but Michael tells him that he needs to stand up and fight. 

Michael calls Liz and tells her what AJ is planning on doing. He asks her to come to the courthouse and change AJ’s mind. 

Britt tells Nikolas that Brad doesn’t want to be involved with the baby, because it wasn’t part the deal they had.  Nikolas still feels Brad should help, and offers to go and talk to Brad.  Britt doesn’t want Nik fighting her battles, but he leaves anyway. 

Patrick tells Sabrina he had gotten used to the idea of co-parenting with Britt, and was looking forward to a son.  Sabrina promises to help. 

The judge asks AJ how he pleads, and he hesitates until Liz shows up. AJ pleads not guilty.  Diane asks for bail, which the judge denies, since AJ is a flight risk.  AJ thanks Liz for coming, and apologizes for what he said about Jake.  Liz can’t make any promises and guarantee she’ll be there every day, but is here for him today.   

Morgan and Kiki join Dante and Olivia on the search for Sonny.  Dante feels they need to call Michael, which angers Morgan, since Michael is spending time with AJ.  Dante feels Michael knows Sonny best, and may think of something they haven’t.  Olivia tells Morgan she can no longer talk to Connie. She warns him not to do the same with Michael. 

Michael gets to Sonny’s and agrees to put his differences with Morgan aside to find their father. 

Sabrina arrives at Windermere to confront Britt.

Nik finds Brad, and tells him it’s time to man up. 

Franco’s hearing begins, and the judge reads the list of multiple murder charges.  Diane moves for a complete dismissal, saying Franco is not responsible.  When the judge asks who is, Diane pulls out the bag Brad gave her. She removes Franco’s tumor in a jar from the bag, and sets it down.