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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Diane wants all charges dismissed on the grounds of Franco's tumor being the cause of his actions.  She has more than one affidavit proving the tumor’s authenticity, and its existence predating Franco’s crimes. Therefore, he cannot be held responsible.  District Attorney Lazaro does not want Franco to get out of going to trial, because the victims and their families need to be heard.  Carly declares she’s a victim, and will testify. 

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Britt tells Sabrina to leave, but Sabrina’s determined to be heard.  She’s upset Patrick and Emma were hurt, and wonders how Britt could do this to the man she claims to love.  Britt accuses Sabrina of coming between her and Patrick, but Sabrina asserts she waited while Patrick mourned his wife.  Sabrina recites Britt’s crimes against Emma, and taunts Britt is now alone.  Sabrina feels pity for Britt and her baby. 

Patrick tells Emma she won’t be getting a baby brother, and tries to explain the situation with the tests.  Emma is sad, and Patrick understands she feels she missed out on being a big sister.  Emma wonders if Patrick and Sabrina can have a baby, but Patrick feels it’s too soon for something like that.  Later, Emma hands Patrick a glove and the two play catch. 

Nikolas warns Brad he needs to man up and take care of his son.  Brad claims it’s not his responsibility, because he and Britt had an agreement.  Nik wants Britt and the baby to move in with Brad, and Brad wonders why Nik cares.  Nik reiterates the baby is Brad’s responsibility, but Brad disagrees and walks off. 

Michael finds out Sonny hasn’t gone to the island.  Olivia starts to talk about how the newspaper article affected Sonny, but Morgan angrily jumps in the conversation.  Dante gets a call, and heads out with his brothers to the ER where a gunshot victim has been brought in. 

Sonny is at The Haunted Star.  He talks to a fictional Connie, who tells him not to kill himself, but to marry her instead. He fantasizes about them getting married, and then Connie says goodbye. 

Carly takes the stand, and claims Franco caused her and her children pain.  The judge asks if she would trust Franco with her kids, and Carly answers no.  Carly admits Franco has shown signs of guilt and remorse, and wanted to help Danny. He even attempted to have a relationship with Kiki.  She doesn’t see the monster anymore, but also doesn’t know if Franco is playing games. She's not sure if the same psychopath is still fooling her. 

The judge decides to take a few days to review before her ruling.  Carly apologizes for her testimony.  Diane thinks it will be what sends Franco to prison. 

Sabrina and Britt continue to argue.  Then, Britt experiences pain, and Sabrina accuses her of faking. She goes to leave, but Britt begs her to stay.  Nikolas gets back in time to find Britt in labor. 

Olivia has a vision of Kiki in Connie’s dress, and realizes where Sonny went.  She gets to The Haunted Star, and begs Sonny not to kill himself.