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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations



Olivia orders Sonny to put the gun down. Sonny needs to do this, because he didn’t get a chance to kill AJ thanks to Michael. Sonny wants to be with Connie, but Olivia tells him not to use Connie as an excuse. Liv knows her cousin wouldn’t want Sonny to follow her in death.  Olivia accuses Sonny of being selfish. 

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Kiki explains to Michael and Morgan about Olivia’s reaction. In turn, Michael tells them about Olivia’s vision, and realizes where Sonny has gone. 

Lulu’s upset when Maxie shows up in the baby’s room.  Maxie asks to talk, and tells Lulu she knows the baby is Lulu’s and not hers.  Maxie admits she wasn’t herself, and got things mixed up.  Lulu points out Maxie was having attachment issues before the birth, which made her feel uncomfortable.  Maxie will be working with Kevin on her post partum issues. 

Spinelli tells Ellie he and Maxie have agreed not to tell Lulu and Dante the truth.  He doesn’t want to take the baby away from them, and needs Ellie to keep the secret as well.  Ellie asks about their relationship, and Spin hasn’t had time to think about it. He admits he loves her, but needs time away from her. 

Brad stops Dante to tell him something about Britt’s baby.  Dante’s in a rush to find Sonny and brushes off Brad, who explains Patrick is not the baby’s father.  Brad tells Dante that Patrick punched him, and Dante advises him to go to the station to file a report.  Michael calls, and Dante takes off. 

Nikolas calls the launch to come back, so they can get Britt to the hospital.  Sabrina realizes they don’t have time to wait, because the baby is coming now.  Britt wants to leave, instead of having Sabrina help deliver the baby.  Sabrina swears she would never put either of their lives at risk.  Nikolas volunteers to be her birth coach and assist with the labor. He apologizes for leaving, and asks Britt to trust him

Olivia has to live without Connie, and if Sonny kills himself, then she’ll be alone.  Sonny points out she has Dante, and Olivia names all of his children and their granddaughter. Sonny feels he needs to break the cycle, because he keeps hurting people.  Olivia reminds him Connie knew the risks of being with him.  Sonny tells her to leave, but Olivia pulls up a chair to stay. She declares if Sonny wants to kill himself, he’ll have to do it while she watches. 

Lulu’s glad Maxie will be seeing someone about her issues, and admits Maxie scared her.  Maxie doesn’t want this to come between them, and worries Lulu regrets asking her to do this.  Maxie did it to help get over Spinelli, and vows she would do anything for Lulu.  Maxie promises she’ll be okay. 

The Corinthos men arrive and try to convince Sonny to put the gun down.  Dante wants him to do it for his granddaughter.  Michael decrees Sonny is the center of the family, knows they’ll fall apart without him.  Dante tells him not to take the coward’s way out, and trust them.  Sonny gives up the gun. 

Maxie tells Spin she told Lulu what she wanted to hear, so they’d be friends again.  Spin tells her Ellie agreed to keep the secret.  Brad overhears them say no one will know Lante’s baby is really theirs. 

Britt delivers a baby boy, and thanks Sabrina and Nik.  However, after the birth, she quickly notices something is wrong with the baby.