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Perkie's Observations: Britt is Terrified For Her Baby on General Hospital


Britt worries that something is wrong with the baby. She says he’s having trouble breathing and has fluid in his lungs. At first she blames Sabrina, but Nik assures her that Sabrina did nothing wrong. Sabrina offers to take the baby to the hospital.


Carly arrives at Sonny’s house, ready to tell him about Franco. She finds Kiki alone and tells her Franco was cleared of all charges because of the tumor.  Kiki shows Carly the letter Sonny left. Soon, Olivia and the boys return with Sonny. 

Sam asks Silas about finding out Kiki is his daughter. He says it would be nice for Rafe to have a cousin. Sam is surprised Silas had a relationship with Ava. Silas admits Ava likes dangerous things. Sam wonders if that means Silas was dangerous. Sam wants to get to know him better, but she says as a friend. She says she can’t think of anything more until Danny is better.   

Franco announces to a shocked Ava and Tracy all charges against him have been dropped. All of his vile acts were because of the tumor; he’s a new man.  Franco offers Tracy a toast and tells Ava it’s time for her to leave. 

Felix wonders why Brad refuses to step up and be a father to Britt’s baby. Brad says he’s only a sperm donor and has no intention of helping Britt raise the child.   

Taylor asks TJ how things are between him and Molly. He admits he hasn’t heard from Molly, but that she’s been at the hospital. The two joke around and TJ spills water on Taylor. As he’s helping her dry off, Rafe and Molly show up. TJ asks Molly if she’s thought about getting back together. She says she wants to and admits she’s missed him. They kiss and Taylor wonders what she and Rafe should do about this problem. 

Sonny’s not happy about accepting Olivia’s help. She insists on getting him to his room. Michael and Morgan explain to Carly what happened at the Haunted Star. She tells them about Franco.  Kiki wants to go and see her ex-dad. Morgan wants to stay with Sonny and asks if Michael can take Kiki to the mansion. Carly goes with them. 

Morgan tells Sonny he was really scared and blames himself for what happened to Connie. Morgan feels if he hadn’t asked Sonny to keep the secret of Kiki’s paternity, Connie wouldn’t have been forced to write the story. Sonny’s glad Morgan came to him. Morgan worries Kiki will leave him if she finds out the truth. 

Britt is anxious because she didn’t go to the hospital with the baby. Nik has her go through what she would do if the baby was her patient. When Britt insists, Nikolas picks her up and takes her to GH. 

Sabrina brings the baby into the hospital and helps Felix and Silas work on the baby, while Brad and Sam watch on.

Ava says it’s Monica’s house, so Franco can't kick her out. Franco counters as Alan’s heir he has a right to kick her to the curb. Ava reminds him she knows one of his secrets. Franco decides to unburden himself and admits to Tracy he poisoned both relishes. Franco says he doesn’t care about Ava and as Carly walks in, admits his heart belongs to someone else. 

Tracy is shocked her nephew's feelings are for Carly. Carly insists she has no plans on being with Franco and drags him out into the foyer to make sure he understands. Franco says she stood by him. Carly says it was because of Jason and insists she’ll never fall for Franco. She reminds him of the hell he caused her and her loved ones. She isn't sure he truly has changed. He vows to prove it to her. 

Ava begs Tracy not to let Franco kick her out, since they are friends. Tracy denies any friendship and says Ava will not be working with her either. Ava says they had an agreement. She needs ELQ. Tracy wants Ava out of her life. 

Michael tells Kiki Morgan loves her and he respects their relationship. He tells her to stick with her husband. 

When Britt gets to the hospital, Silas says the baby is perfectly fine, thanks to Sabrina. 

Sabrina is glad everything is over. Felix points out the baby looks nothing like Brad.

Olivia gives Sonny his medication and tells him he’ll feel better tomorrow.  When she’s gone, he crushes the pills and decides he doesn’t want to feel better.   

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