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Will ABC Hook Soap Fans With Betrayal?

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In matters of the heart, betrayal is the one thing that can spin everyone’s lives into turmoil. This is sure to be the fate of the characters from ABC’s upcoming fall drama Betrayal.

The series, based off the hit Dutch show Overspel, follows the story of Sara Hanley (Hannah Wire), a professional photographer, who by chance meets charming, powerful attorney, Jack McAllister (Stuart Townsend). Sara and Jack share an immediate, intense attraction, but don’t act on it — at first. David Zabel (Lucky 7) adapted the serial for ABC.


Both parties are married, respectively to prosecutor Drew Stafford (Chris Johnson) and restaurateur Elaine McAllister (Wendy Moniz), but their unions are unhappy. Sara and Jack continue to spend time together, and grow closer.

Jack and Sara soon realize they can’t continue their emotional affair, and attempt to say goodbye. In true soap opera fashion, they end up giving in to their passion, making sweet love all over Sara’s photography studio. Sara returns home to her husband, and becomes mortified when she finds out who he will be taking on in court next — Jack McAllister. Watch a sneak peek of Betrayal, premiering Sept. 29 at 10/9c, below!

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