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Perkie's Observations: Monica Kicks Franco Out on His Tumor on General Hospital


Monica’s not happy to find Franco in her house, especially when he makes nasty comments about AJ.  She tells him to leave.  Franco claims she can’t throw him out because it was Alan’s house and he would want his children living there.  Monica says it’s her house, her decision and tosses Franco out.  Someone watches from the window.

Derek gets an update from Alexis about Danny’s progress. He promises to stop by later.  Ava interrupts, unhappy Julian has been spending so much time at the hospital. She wants to strike Sonny while he’s distracted.  Julian feels they need to be methodical, but Ava says Sonny is weak and they should move now.  She accuses Julian of taking his eye off the prize and mooning over his family.

Liz and Carly find themselves on the docks in memory of Jason’s birthday. The two still can’t believe Jason didn’t survive the shooting and they’ll never see him again.  Liz mentions Jason not being happy to share a birthday with Franco. Carly wonders what Franco is up to.  Liz accuses Carly of changing her feelings for Franco.

Alexis and Sam discuss how Derek came through for them. Sam doesn’t know how she’ll ever be able to repay him.  Alexis talks about Derek. Sam wonders if Alexis is interested in him. Sam tells her mom she needs to focus on herself and Derek may be a good choice to focus on.

Shawn brings Sonny a condolence plant from Derek, but Sonny is angry with Derek for printing the article and setting all of this in motion.  Shawn mentions that he’s looking into the gambling ring. He says they need to take action, but Sonny is distracted and calls him Jason.

Tracy is thrilled when Monica tells her that Franco is gone.  She mentions Morgan and Kiki. Monica promises they will get the boot as well.  Tracy talks about having warned Monica about AJ and his weaknesses.  Monica starts to cry. Tracy backs off telling her that Diane will prove reasonable doubt by passing the blame onto Sonny.

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Monica says it’s also Jason’s birthday and that she was fired as chief of staff.  Tracy gets upset and says she’s a board member and should have been notified.  Monica is surprised that Tracy would defend her, but Tracy says they’re family and they stick together.

Julian warns Ava that he’s still in charge and tells her not to do anything until he’s given the go ahead.  Franco overhears that they are up to something, but Julian deflects, saying he’s a customer of Ava’s and leaves.  Ava tells Franco to stop following her, but he admits he was kicked out of the mansion as well.

Carly feels Franco’s tumor may have caused all of his problems but Liz accuses her of justifying Franco’s actions.  Carly points out that Liz went to AJ’s arraignment. Liz says they were in a relationship and she felt she owed AJ.  Carly tells her to forget AJ and go to Nikolas. Liz stormed off angry.  Someone watches Carly from the shadows.

Sonny shows up at the pier upset that Jason died because of him.  Carly reminds him that Jason knew the risks and that they were like brothers.  She says they need to be strong for his family.  Carly wants Sonny to fight the depression because Jason believed in him.

Derek stops by the hospital and asks about Sam.  Alexis says Sam is putting on a brave front and explains about Jason’s birthday.

Liz stops by to see Danny and mentions to Sam about being at the pier on Jason’s birthday.    Alexis and Derek offer to watch Danny while Sam takes a break.  After she leaves, Alexis explains the meaning of the dragons.  Someone watches Danny.

Franco tries to get a room at the hotel only to have his credit card declined.  Carly arrives in time to help.

Sonny gets home and finds Ava waiting for him.

Sam goes down to the docks to wish Jason a happy birthday.  Someone watches her.