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SPOILERS: Dylan Snaps on The Young and the Restless

Dylan/Chelsea/Adam:  Mrs. McAvoy’s chickens have finally come home to poop in her nest. Chelsea confides in Chloe about Adam figuring out Connor is his. Chelsea admits she's afraid he will use a paternity test to take the little guy away from her! Chloe, being the smart chick  she is, tells Chelsea to hit the bricks with little Connor before it gets to that point. Chelsea wants nothing more than to run away with Connor, but wants Dylan to come with her.


Later, Dylan is clued in on Adam’s quest to claim his son. He stuns Chelsea by saying Adam has every right to do so. The war vet breaks Chelsea’s heart even further when he tells her he wants to end their marriage! He says he's leaving Genoa City for good, but wants to see Connor one last time. He then shocks Chelsea by kidnapping the kid!

Jack/Victor/Adam: Stop if you’ve heard this one before… Old Smilin Jack and the Newman black sheep once again join forces to take Victor down.

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