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Will Everyone Survive Rookie Blue's Season Finale? (PROMO)

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Rookie Blue has had a strong, creative run this summer on ABC while still providing those us who play the Andy McNally Drinking Game plenty of opportunities to get tipsy. They even had Andy (Missy Peregrym) survive anthrax. The Hollywood Reporter talked with showrunner Tassie Cameron about the season and whether or not everyone in 15 Division will survive tonight's finale.  

By the end of the finale, are we to assume that not everyone makes it past the episode alive?

Because the episode ends in a very intense place, we actually have some choices to make at the beginning of season five. A lot could happen from where we end this. There is a lot of mayhem, there are a lot of people in that hospital and we'll see what happens.

Read the entire interview at The Hollywood Reporter.

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