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General Hospital Bad Girl Maura West Talks Port Charles Invasion


 Mob heiress and art aficionado Ava Jerome (Maura West), has the denizens of Port Charles, New York wondering what her next move will be on General Hospital. West chewed the fat with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan and dished what viewers can expect from Ava.

TV Guide Magazine: As if going up against Sonny isn't foolhardy enough, Ava is in cahoots with her brother Julian (William deVry). That could prove really dangerous, right?

West: There's growing friction between Ava and Julian over who's in charge. Ava thinks they're equal and wants them to be co-bosses. But there was a GH storyline [in 1990] where Julian killed their sister, Olivia, because she wanted to be boss.  He wasn't gonna let that happen. [Laughs] So, yeah, this is dangerous!

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West also opened up about how she landed her contract role on GH, after being told it was for only a few episodes.

TV Guide Magazine: What were you told about Ava when you agreed to take the gig?

West: Next to nothing. You have to put your faith in people, which was hard because I'd never met [executive producer] Frank Valentini and [head writer] Ron Carlivati, but they are so fun, so infectious! But, then, Ava was not intended to hang around all that long. The role was original written for just five episodes. Basically, she was there to drop off Kiki [Kristen Alderson] and then leave town. By the time I left my meeting with Frank, it was up to seven episodes, with the possibility of it becoming recurring. Then I was offered a contract before I even started my first day.

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