Margot Wain Upped to Veep Status at CBS Daytime

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Veteran daytime television executive Margot Wain is rocking a snazzy new crown these days. She's been promoted to vice-president of daytime programs at CBS Entertainment. Senior Veep Angelica McDaniel made the announcement on Friday.

As part of her new gig, Wain will continue to oversee The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful and The Price Is Right. Her daytime drama cred dates all the way back to Capitol and the launch of B&B in 1987. On the game show side, she has experience with Press Your Luck and worked on The 25,000 Pyramid, Tattletales and Card Sharks.  

From what I hear, Wain knows the histories of Y&R and B&B like the back of a snarky soap blogger's hand. Congrats on the promotion, girl!