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Perkie's Observations: When Sonny Met Ava on General Hospital


Carly allows Franco to stay at the hotel while he sorts out his credit problems. Franco blames Ava, claiming she wants revenge for being kicked out of the mansion. Franco tells Carly about Ava and Derek and thinks they are working together. He complains about being alone on his birthday and asks if she’ll celebrate with him. 


Anna complains to Duke about letting Dr. Obrecht get away because she was distracted by Ava. Duke feels Ava is lying about not being a mob Jerome and wants to find her silent partner.  He says he has time on his hands now that Tracy is back at ELQ. Anna is worried, but Duke assures her she needs his help. 

Sonny demands to know who Ava is. She introduces herself and says she’s there to offer her condolences. Sonny admits he had her checked out when Kiki first showed up. She swears she isn’t a part of that Jerome family.  Ava does admit having Connie’s blood on her hands.

Ava reveals she ran into AJ the night Connie died. She didn’t stop him from drinking, nor did she warn anyone  he was enraged with Connie.  She feels responsible and asks Sonny’s forgiveness. Sonny says it isn't her fault. AJ was determined to kill Connie. 

Sam hears a noise on the pier. She  wonders if it’s Jason. It's Silas.  He says he’s there to clear his head. He’s on edge about Danny’s lab results. Sam explains today is Jason’s birthday and  he was shot on the pier. Sam says she never had a chance to say goodbye. Silas tells her she needs to move on.

Sam wonders if Silas wants her to move on with him. He's upset she thinks he would take advantage of her grief. Silas just wants her to be happy. Sam says she’s been grieving for a year and wants the drama to be over. Silas gets a call about the lab results and they head off.  Someone watches them. 

Shawn tells Max about Sonny being distracted  and calling him Jason. They need to deal with the gambling ring and find Vince.    

Alexis explains her feelings about Jason to Derek. She didn’t approve of him being a hit man, but Sam loved him.  Alexis says she has no place to judge, since she works for Sonny and had his child. 

Carly isn’t sure about spending so much time with Franco. He reassures her he knows she doesn’t return his feelings, but  it’s Jason’s birthday too. He knows she misses her best friend. Carly gets a cake and wishes Franco a happy birthday and then leaves. Someone watches. 

Shawn and Max grab Vince and remind him Sonny let him live because Vince promised to stay out of Port Charles.  Shawn demands to know the name of Vince’s boss. 

Derek gets a call that his man Vince has been grabbed and heads off. 

Sonny asks Ava if she’s willing to tell police how angry AJ was that night.  Ava agrees, but wants something in return. 

Someone knocks on Franco’s door. He’s shocked to see who it is. 

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