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Perkie's Observations: Heather Sneaks Back into Port Charles on General Hospital

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Franco opens the door to his room and discovers Heather there to wish him a happy birthday.  He tells her that all of his charges have been dropped and he can’t be caught harboring a criminal.  Heather gives him a gift and tells him she’s not leaving until she gets what she was promised.

Ava promises to tell the police about AJ. However, in return she wants Sonny’s help in throwing a party to celebrate Kiki and Morgan's marriage.  Sonny says it’s not a good time for a party, but Ava promises to take care of everything.  She tells him he needs to focus on the positive and figures Connie would want him to embrace his future.  Sonny finds it insulting that Ava would presume to know what Connie would want.

Silas lets Sam and Alexis know that, despite signs that Danny’s body is fighting the transplant, it means he’s moving in the right direction and will be okay.  The women are thrilled and Alexis heads off to let Derek know.

Felix runs into Carly and the two discuss their love lives, until Carly lets it slip that someone is interested in her.  Felix is shocked when she says that it’s Franco.  Carly claims it’s all harmless, but Felix insists she should end things now or Franco will continue to pursue her. He also points out Sonny will react negatively.

Derek bumps into Anna and Duke and comments that they caught him.  When Anna questions what he meant, Derek tells her that went into his office after Connie’s death, despite the police tape.  Anna lets it slide, but warns him not to get on her wrong side.

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Ava says she understands Sonny going to a dark place and spots his bottle of Lithium.  She sympathizes and says she too has experienced the highs and lows, but wanted to feel the pain because she felt it was penance.  She points out that it’s only his decision whether to take the pills or not.  As she’s leaving, Sonny tells her to plan the party for the kids.

As Derek is leaving, Duke grabs his arm and asks if he can send Derek his resume, because he’d like to work for him.  Derek agrees to take a look.  After he leaves, Anna feels there something too slick about Derek.

Sam wonders when she can take Danny home, but Silas wants to keep him a little longer.  He wants them to celebrate. Sam wonders if he’s asking her out on a date.  Sam says she hasn’t been out on a date in a long time, but Silas just wants dinner.

Heather says Silas promised her BLTs in exchange for her DNA swab before the transplant, but never followed through.  She tells Franco to get her a sandwich from Kelly’s or she’ll tell everyone that he helped her escape.

Shawn and Max insist Vince tell them the name of his boss or they’ll kill him. Franco arrives, insisting on a BLT. Shawn gives him Max’s half eaten one.   Vince eventually caves, gives them what they want and they send him off.

Carly and Felix knock on Franco’s door. Heather grabs a knife, ready to defend herself.  Franco arrives before they have a chance to get into the room.

Shawn tells Sonny that Vince’s boss is Julian Jerome.

Julian and Ava find Vince ready to make a getaway.  Vince swears he didn’t tell Shawn anything about their plans, just the name.  Julian is fine with that since he doesn’t look the same as he did and mentions neither Anna or Duke recognizing him.  Julian shoots Vince and Ava kicks his body into the water.