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Perkie's Observations: Ava and Olivia Mark Their Territory on General Hospital

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Dante checks in on Olivia, who is getting ready for Connie’s funeral. He asks about Sonny. Olivia mentions Ava wanting to throw a party and not liking Ava.  Olivia tells Dante about Shawn finding out Julian Jerome is in charge of the gambling ring.

Anna agrees to babysit Baby Connie for Lulu and Dante. She tells Lulu about Maxie feeling ashamed of her connection with the baby. Lulu feels Maxie crossed a line. Although she wants Maxie in the baby’s life, she doesn’t want to confuse Connie.

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Anna assures her Maxie is committed to getting better. She just needs time to heal. Anna explains how she had to leave Robin. Lulu points out the situations are not the same. 

Ellie tells Maxie she doesn’t regret telling Spinelli the truth, even if it means she loses him. Maxie feels she’s doing the right thing in having Lante raise the baby. She’ll never claim her daughter. Ellie hates seeing Maxie tormented. Maxie says Dante and Lulu love the baby. 

Julian fills Ava in about Carly on the pier. He's certain she didn’t hear anything. He doesn’t want anyone connecting the two of them. Ava is going to the funeral, since she’s Sonny’s extended family. Julian says Duke applied for a job working with Derek Wells. He wants to hire him. Ava thinks Julian just wants to torment Duke. 

Carly wants Spinelli to look into Derek and his connection to Ava. Ava walks up. She knows Spin has been investigating her. She asks Carly for help in planning the party. Carly thinks it’s a terrible idea because of Sonny. Ava says Sonny’s on board. Carly wants Spin to find out Ava’s agenda.

Sonny tells Michael he isn't going to the service. It won’t make a difference. Michael asks if Sonny is taking his medication. Sonny becomes angry. Michael backs off. 

Michael says he told AJ to have Diane back off, but  he’s still worried  about Sonny. Sonny says Michael lost his love as well. He knows about Michael’s feelings for Kiki. Kiki loves Morgan, Michael insists. He won’t get between them. 

Morgan and Kiki arrive. They're surprised to hear Sonny isn't going to the service. Morgan wants his father to say goodbye to Connie.  Sonny refuses.  Michael offers to stay and keep an eye on Sonny.

Dante tells Anna about the gambling ring setting up shop and about Julian Jerome’s possible involvement. Anna is shocked. Julian is supposed to be dead.  Dante figures it’s a lie. 

Derek interviews Duke and asks about the gap in his history. Duke dodges, saying he spent time in Turkey. Derek asks about working for Julian Jerome. Duke admits he did, but his life of crime is behind him. Duke claims Julian was an incompetent and dangerous fool. Derek offers him a job. 

Olivia is talking to herself about Ava, when she arrives. Ava introduces herself and offers her condolences. Connie was a remarkable woman who left an impression, Ava continues. Olivia brings up the party. Ava feels they need something positive to focus on. 

Morgan and Kiki turn up. Kiki is not happy to see her mother. Ava says she’s there to pay her respects. Morgan tells Olivia that Sonny isn't coming. 

Spinelli stops by Ellie’s to pick up his suit. She tells him about her talk with Maxie. She's having a hard time and Spin should go easy on her. 

Duke tells Anna he’s Derek’s new chief of staff. Anna says she’s been thinking about Julian. She wonders if he's really dead. 

Derek runs into Carly. She’s grateful for his help with Danny and asks how long he’s staying in town. Derek says he’s putting down roots. Carly asks about a girlfriend, specifically Ava. Derek assures her they are only business associates. 

Sonny wants Michael to go to the funeral. His son refuses to leave him alone. Michael says Abby had no one but him when she died and deserved better. He says this is the last decision Sonny will make regarding Connie. He needs to make sure he can live with it. 

Michael and Sonny show up at the funeral.