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Michelle Gets Help From a Few Famous Friends on The Stafford Project (VIDEO)


Oh my damn. I'm just now catching up on the third and fourth episodes of The Stafford Project, and I am about to start a campaign to get this show on cable!

In the third installment of Michelle Stafford's insanely-funny new web series, Michelle has a run-in at the beauty salon with her douchey soap opera leading man. Mad props to The Young and the RestlessJoshua Morrow, for playing an asshat version of himself. Though let's face it; as much of a jerk as he was being, everyone in that salon still wanted to hit it.

The fourth chapter finds Michelle tackling her well-documented struggle with infertility with tragicomic results. Everyone knows The Staff is an acting beast, but now she's proven herself to be one of the bravest women in Hollywood, for managing to find the humor and humanity in such a painful experience. Carol Burnett would be proud!

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Special Guest Star Kelly Preston kills it as a vapid, blonde she-monster of a co-star from Michelle's soap, who has been tapped to do a perfume commerical with Red.

"A baby won't present itself to a hostile womb."

Does anyone know where I can pick up a bottle of White Secret? Watch the latest episodes of The Stafford Project after the jump!