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Perkie's Observations: Morgan and Ava Reach a Sexy Understanding on General Hospital


Silas tells Rafe the baby is getting better. Rafe wonders where he’ll be living now. Silas agrees to let him stay with Sam. Silas tells him about Kiki and asks about Molly. Rafe tells him she's back with TJ.


Felix has a visitor, Carlos, a friend of Sabrina’s in town from Puerto Rico. Felix offers to take him to GH to see Sabrina. 

Patrick and Sabrina are planning an evening together, when Emma tells them she’s not feeling well. Patrick diagnoses pink eye and tells her she needs to stay home. Sabrina offers to stay home with her since they have no other sitter. 

Morgan stops by to help Ava with the party plans. She angrily tells him he’s almost maxed out her credit card with gambling charges. She’s upset he took advantage of her and threatens to tell Kiki the truth about everything. 

Nik finds Britt and the baby about to be discharged. She tells him she named the baby Ben. When Nik asks where she’ll be staying, Britt lies and says she’s going back to Felix and Sabrina’s. He doesn’t believe her. 

Molly tells TJ her new book is doing really well. Rafe spots them kissing and isn’t happy. Felix confronts TJ about Taylor. TJ says he’s been honest with Taylor about his feelings for Molly and promises he won’t be leading her on. 

Michael finds Kiki at Sonny’s house. She and Morgan spent the night since they were kicked out of the boathouse. She tells him about the party and says she needs him there. 

Michael feels the timing is off because of Connie’s death. Kiki feels they can’t back out now. She wants Michael to give his blessing. Michael agrees to go. Kiki tells him to bring a guest.  Michael calls Penny and asks if she’s available. 

Silas promises Sam her son will be going home soon. He tells her about Kiki’s party and asks if she’ll go as his date. Sam declines She wouldn’t be comfortable leaving Danny alone for the night. 

Sabrina tries to put eye drops in Emma’s eyes. The child refuses her efforts, despite Sabrina’s many blackmail attempts. Emma says she wants her mommy. Having Sabrina there is not the same. 

Nikolas tells Patrick that Britt is being discharged and staying at Felix’s. Patrick says that’s not true. Nikolas checks with Felix, who says he’s never having Britt, stay with them again. 

Rafe decides to help Taylor with her plan to break up TJ and Molly. She tells him  they will be hurt, but it will be worth it in the end. 

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Britt calls Taylor saying she has nowhere to go. She asks if Taylor can blackmail Felix into letting her move back in. Taylor says she and Felix are okay right now. She can’t help her. 

Taylor finds TJ and Molly and asks if they want to join her and Rafe for a movie.  Rafe arrives and they kiss, much to TJ and Molly’s shock. 

Morgan calls Ava’s bluff. She needs him to keep encouraging Kiki to forgive her. They both have a lot to lose if Kiki finds out the truth. 

Ava is impressed with Morgan’s new attitude, but says he need sto repay the gambling debt.  Ava promises Kiki doesn’t need to know anything. 

Nikolas tells Britt he knows she isn't staying at Felix’s. Britt doesn’t want him to feel obligated. He insists she and the baby stay with him. 

Felix tells Patrick that Sabrina’s friend was looking for her.

Sabrina is shocked when Carlos shows up at the house. He grabs her and kisses her.