SPOILERS: Will Chadam Put Their Differences Aside For Connor on The Young and the Restless?

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Adam/Chelsea: The two come together when little Connor experiences health complications.


Victor/Jack/Adam: The Black Knight goes to war against his son and arch nemesis. Will Victor's other children—and possibly a direction-less grandson—play a part?

Nikki/Paul: On their church tour, they learn shocking information about who adopted Nikki's baby.

Abby/Tyler: The fully-clothed heiress stuns the hunk when she says the "L" word. Will Tyler return her feelings?

Michael/Lauren: Carmine is still a presence in the couple's lives.

Nick/Avery/Dylan: The Newman playboy grills Dylan about his feelings for Avery.

Neil/Hilary/Cane/Lily: Neil makes an apology. Hilary makes a nasty move. Can they stop this chick before she truly hurts someone? 

 Billy/Chloe: The exes are at cross purposes where Delia is concerned.