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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Pulls The Pin on Morgan's Secret on General Hospital


Kiki overhears Ava and wonders what her mother is keeping from her.  Ava tells her that Morgan is planning a surprise at the party and Kiki accepts that explanation.  After she leaves, Ava tells Morgan to use her credit card to buy something for Kiki.

Sabrina breaks off Carlos’ kiss and reminds him she hasn’t been his girlfriend in years.  Carlos tells her that he’s here on business.  He feels she’s still the girl he fell in love with. He came here for her, to share her life with him.  Sabrina tells him that she doesn’t want his life and that Patrick is her boyfriend.  Sabrina tells him to leave which he does, but not before saying he still loves her.

Carly is surprised when Michael tells her that he’s going to the party.  Michael feels he owes it to Morgan to wish them well.

Sonny’s in a playful party mood, which confuses Olivia.  He tells her that they need to think about positive things.  Shawn and Max show up to update Sonny on a shipment he’ll be receiving.  He tells them to handle things and to do it right.

Sam tells Patrick about Silas asking her out and her refusal.  Patrick wonders what the real reason was.  Sam admits she was using Danny as an excuse because she feels she would be betraying Jason.  Patrick understands how difficult it is to move on, but thinks Jason would want her to be happy.  Patrick tells her that Sabrina has been amazing for him and that it will be okay for Sam to leave Danny with Alexis for the night. He encourages her to go out and have fun.

Julian checks in with Ava and tells her that he’s ready to intercept Sonny’s shipment and for her to enjoy the party.  Ava promise to keep Sonny occupied all night.

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Carly’s surprised at Sonny’s enthusiasm. Olivia tells her that they have Ava to thank for that.  Olivia feels the party is in poor taste because they should still be mourning.  Carly wonders if Sonny is off his meds. She asks if Olivia has seen him actually taking the pills.

Ava’s happy that Silas made it to the party.  She reminds him that she had good reasons not to tell anyone that he was Kiki’s father. She says it would have been disastrous for both of them, but they are in the clear now.  She feels they have reason to celebrate their daughter’s wedding.

Ava introduces the happy couple, who dance their first dance.  Ava has Carly and Sonny dance as parents of the groom and insists that Silas dance with her.  Ava reminisces and talks about how much Kiki is like both of them.  She pulls Silas in for a kiss as Sam arrives, who sees the kiss and storms off.  Silas chases after her.

Michael arrives with Penny, who is honored to be invited until she sees how Michael is looking at Kiki. She realizes that Kiki is the girl that Michael is hung up on.  Penny refuses to be involved in the drama and storms off.

Sonny’s thrilled with Ava’s party throwing skills.  Carly asks him if he’s off his meds, which angers him.  Carly says he needs to take care of himself and wants to take him home to take his pills.  Sonny grabs Olivia for a dance instead.

Michael makes a toast to the happy couple.  Carly warns Olivia that Sonny will hurt someone while he’s off his meds.

Shawn and Max are on the docks as their shipment comes in, but the ship explodes.  Julian is thrilled and thanks his partner, Carlos.

Sonny decides to toast the couple.  He says Connie is missing because she was murdered.  He wants to unburden himself to Michael and tells everyone that he knew Michael and Kiki weren’t related. He says Connie told him to tell the truth, but he didn't. Sonny admits that he let Michael believe the lie because he promised Morgan that he would.