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Dexter Recap: “Remember the Monsters?”

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Wow, that was quite a finale!  Unfortunately, I don’t mean that as a compliment.  Before I talk about why the Dexterfinale quickly earned a spot on my list of Worst Series Finales Ever, let’s talk about the episode.

Elway’s presence prevented Dexter (MichaelC. Hall), Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski), and Harrison from making their flight to Argentina.  In order to escape, Dexter framed Elway for planting a bomb in the airport by leaving a backpack in the waiting area. 

Dexter took care of Elway, but also shut down the airport. Also, since I’m sure the airport has security tapes, he probably earned himself a spot on the No Fly List.  Before they could find another means to flee, Dexter received a phone call telling him about Debra’s (Jennifer Carpenter) shooting. 

Debra was awake and speaking when her friends at Miami Metro loaded her into the ambulance, and later after her surgery.  Between the blood loss and the meds, she wasn’t making a whole lot of sense. 

Debra was glad, at first, to see her brother by her side when she woke up after surgery.  Then, she remembered telling her coworkers not to call him.  She didn’t want him to come back.  She wanted him to get his happy ending, because he was a good person, and deserved it. 

How groggy did Deb have to be to completely forget her brother was a serial killer, and on the way out of town to go raise her nephew with another murderer?  All of which she’s had a huge problem with for the last two seasons?

Anyway, she told Saint Dexter to go leave with Hannah.  The doctor said she’d be fine, and they said their goodbyes again.  Debra even talked about maybe visiting.

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Dexter returned to Hannah, and told her to go on ahead with Harrison.  He didn’t feel right leaving Deb in the hospital with Saxon still on the loose.  Dexter’s always had good instincts for the most part, and soon intercepted Saxon.

This, of course, was after Saxon had committed a slew of felonies, including slicing out a veterinarian’s tongue.  (Ew).  Saxon wanted to finish Deb off, probably to stick it to Dexter.  Dexter came face-to-face with Saxon outside Deb's room, and was about to go at him with a fork (never has a fork looked so menacing!), when Batista (David Zayas) put a gun to Saxon’s head and arrested him. 

Dexter’s relief at saving his sister was short-lived, when he saw Quinn (Desmond Harrington) sobbing.  One blood clot later, and Deb was brain dead.  Dexter was devastated, and clicked into autopilot.  Under the guise of performing a gunshot residue test, Dexter visited Saxon in lockup. 

This was one of the only two scenes in the finale I liked.  It was classic Dexter at his best.  The scene was so meticulous about Dexter’s premeditated murder of Saxon, and mindful of the video surveillance that would help make it look like self-defense. 

After a little taunting banter with Saxon, Dexter set up his GSR kit and paperwork. He finished by declaring to Saxon, “I’m going to kill you with that pen.”  Saxon’s eyes shot to the pen, and he grabbed it. Then, Saxon plunged it into Dexter’s shoulder. 

Dexter tore it out, and shoved it into Saxon’s neck.  Of course, our favorite little blood junkie knew just where to put it to make Saxon bleed to death within seconds.  Then, he threw on the water works, and hit a panic button.

Batista and Quinn watched the tape of the “self defense” incident with Dexter.  To be fair, a hesitantly suspicious Batista wasn’t sure, at first, if he could legally sell it as such.  It didn’t take much convincing before he cleared Dexter. 

Quinn knew though.  He tossed a few sidelong glances towards Dexter, and it was easy to tell Quinn knew exactly what Dexter did.  Quinn respected him for it, and wished it could have been him. 

Dexter and Quinn didn’t get along, at first.  Quinn always thought he was odd, and there was more to him than met the eye.  This slowly changed as his relationship with Deb grew, and from Dexter fudging evidence for him.  Nothing indicated Quinn finally realized Dexter was the Bay Harbor Butcher, but they seemed to end on a note of mutual admiration.  This was second scene I liked.


Meanwhile, Elway caught up with Hannah and told her he was taking her in, and handing Harrison over to Child Protective Services.  Fortunately for her, Dexter had leant her his emergency “In Case of Bad Guys or Cops, Plus Snacks For Harrison” bag.  She deftly syringed him, and he passed out.  She and Harrison got away. 

What’s really bothered me about these last few eps with Hannah is basically her entire lack of trying to stay hidden.  She’s a wanted fugitive, who everyone’s supposed to be looking for (except only Elway and the dead U.S. Marshall appeared to care).  However, she can’t be bothered to remain inside, dye her bright blonde hair, or even wear something inconspicuous!  Seriously, how did she last on the run for so long?

As Hurricane Laura started rolling into Miami, Dexter went to the hospital to have his final goodbye with Deb.  He told her he loved her, and ever the big brother taking care of his sis, took her off life support.  Then, he rolled out her body on a gurney, and put her into his boat. He was able to dock right in front of the hospital, and no one noticed.  Of course he was, because sure, why not?

Dexter drove out to sea.  He stroked Deb’s face lovingly one last time, and then dropped her body into the sea.  The only difference between her and his normal victims were that she wasn’t dismembered and in garbage bags.  This was all still odd though, because people would definitely notice Deb’s body was gone. I guess Dexter was just past the point of caring. 

He took out his phone and called Hannah.  She happily planned their future, and he gave his love. Then, Dexter asked to speak with Harrison.  He told his son he loved him, and asked him to remember that every day until they were together again.  So, yes, Dexter had planned to kill himself. 

Since we met him, Dexter never really felt human.  He faked it for a cover life, but somewhere along the way, it became real.  Now, encased in grief, he realized all who love him die because of it.  He rode his boat into the storm.  Afterwards, all the Coast Guard found were pieces of the wreckage. 

Hannah was in Argentina with Harrison, and read about Dexter’s death on her iPad.  I can’t see them lasting forever as illegal immigrants with no cops finding them, but I guess that’s supposed to be their happy ending.  I feel bad for Harrison though, even if they made that kid super annoying this year. I especially feel bad for Astor and Cody. 

Not only have they lost their parents, but now their step dad, little brother, and aunt.  Astor was already having trouble dealing with everything.  I can’t help but feel like they’ll both either end up in jail, or on a serial killer’s table. Then to top it off, it’s all Dexter’s fault.  He behaved really selfishly, and didn’t even give his step kids a second thought.


You may have noticed the Coast Guard didn’t find Dexter’s body.  Somehow, he managed to stage his death.  I’m really not sure how though.  Maybe there was a second boat waiting somewhere?  Maybe he has a third secret identity as Aquaman?

Regardless, he ended up somewhere in Washington or Canada it looked like, as a lumberjack.  He has a beard now, wears plaid, and has a big house (and I really want to know how he had any money buy it).  He’s not killing.  He’s not making real or fake friends.  He’s just existing.  All alone. 

Dexter stared into the camera one last time, and the screen cut to black. 

This wasn’t even a good episode, and it certainly wasn’t deserving as a series finale.  It was hollow, and pointless.  I feel like I wasted my time with this series.  With this conclusion, it was clear the show had no message to convey. Anything it had once built, fell apart with this episode. 

What was the point of all this season’s new characters and subplots?  Honestly, what was the purpose Masuka and his daughter, Quinn’s love life and the sergeant’s exam, that new lady who supposedly became sergeant, Elway, and Marshall Clayton?  Batista barely had a presence. He or Quinn could have wanted to find Hannah, and at least they would have had something to do.  They were all barely touched on, and ultimately pointless. 

Even Vogel and her Brain Surgeon son were unnecessary.  These are your last 12 episodes of a series that’s been on since 2006.  Make them count.  If those characters were just going to die anyway, why not just focus on Dexter and him wrapping up his life, or the other characters we’ve known for a few years.  When your lead is a serial killer, do you really need so many other Big Bads?

With all the ways in the world Dexter could have ended, this just felt like the people in charge barely tried or knew what they were doing.  Likewise, the Lost series finale didn’t provide real closure, or answers, and just made more questions. However, at least there was a lot of touching character moments.  The Dexter finale was really flat. 

The last few seasons of this show were not its best.  Still, it’s a shame all those in charge couldn’t get it together, so that it still might have gone out with a bang. 

What did you think of the Dexter finale?  Did you find it fitting, or were you also disappointed?   What would you have liked to see happen?

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