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Perkie's Observations: Sonny Attacks Morgan on General Hospital

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Michael is shocked to hear that Morgan knew the paternity truth. Sonny explains that Morgan thought Kiki would leave him.  Morgan instantly begs his father to say that he’s drunk or confused and tries to deny everything.  Sonny says he’s not confused. Connie told him he would end up hurting both boys and he did.  Sonny’s upset that he never forgave Connie before she died and he told the truth for her.

Silas chases after Sam and begs her to hear his explanation.  Sam’s upset that she took Patrick’s advice only to find Silas and Ava kissing.  Silas swears that Ava kissed him, after convincing him to dance, and swears he’s only interested in Sam.

Sabrina tells Patrick about Carlos’ visit. She admits he wants her back and that he kissed her.  Sabrina recounts that she told Carlos she’s in love with Patrick and that their relationship has been over for a long time.  She swears that Patrick has nothing to be jealous of.

Anna stops by to see Duke, who’s working out of Derek’s office.  He tells her that’s checked out Derek, but found nothing out of the ordinary.  Anna gets the call about the explosion and heads out, but not before running into Derek and Carlos coming in.

Derek introduces Carlos to Duke as his operations manager then has Carlos try to get to know Duke better.  Carlos and Duke discuss their women. After Duke leaves, Carlos wonders why Julian hired him, thinking it’s a dangerous game.  Julian assures him that Duke has no idea who he really is.

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Kiki demands to know if Morgan knew the truth before their marriage. Morgan admits that he did.  Morgan accuses Sonny of betraying him and says he was pushed aside his whole life for Michael.  Carly tries to interrupt, but Morgan doesn't let her. He says was sent away and was rarely seen because they both loved Michael more and always have.  Morgan accuses both his parents of putting Michael first.

Sonny feels keeping Morgan’s secret shows that he does love him as much as Michael, but Morgan says sonny doesn’t give a damn.  Sonny says Morgan tricked Kiki into marriage and wonders what kind of life that would be.  He feels Morgan should want the kind of love he and Connie had.  He tries to give Morgan a hug, but Morgan calls him a liar and a criminal.  Morgan says Sonny isn’t honorable.

Olivia tries to leave with Sonny, but Morgan continues his tirade making a comment about Connie and her mental illness.  Sonny lunges for Morgan and has to be pulled back.  Michael tells Carly and Olivia to take Sonny home.

Sam is surprised at Silas’ declaration that he’s interested only in her.  Ava eavesdrops as Silas begs to make things right with Sam. She then interrupts, telling Sam there are things she needs to know about Silas.  Ava warns Sam that she’ll be sorry and that Silas has some dark secrets. Sam wonders why Ava wants him back then.  Sam stands her ground and demands to know what horrible things are in Silas’ past. Ava backs down and says she’ll have to find out for herself.

Anna finds Shawn at the pier.  He tells her he was waiting for a legitimate shipment of coffee and didn’t see any sign of trouble before the explosion.  She asks about Sonny's enemies. Shawn tells her about Julian’s name coming up.  He tells her that his contact has disappeared as well.

Michael wonders why Morgan hates him so much. Morgan accuses Michael of trying to steal his girl and that the two of them were making out every chance they had.  Morgan reminds Kiki that she was supposed to love him and not Michael.  Kiki accuses Morgan of not loving her, saying he lied to her over and over. Morgan asks if she would have married him had she known the truth. 

Back at the house, Sonny wants to keep the party going.  Carly tells Olivia to leave because she knows how to deal with Sonny like this.  She wants to talk to Sonny about what he did to Morgan.  On her way out Olivia runs into Shawn, but tells him that Sonny can’t hear any business news now.

Morgan begs Kiki not to end their marriage, but she says she doesn’t want to be married to him anymore.  Kiki says she can’t have a marriage based on lies.  Morgan accuses her of waiting for something to happen and the opportunity finally came.  He snidely wishes Kiki and Michael to be happy together.