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Perkie's Observations: Morgan and Ava Heat Up on General Hosptial!

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An upset Morgan arrives on Ava’s doorstep, and complains Kiki wants to be with Michael.  Ava reassures Morgan he can turn things around.  Morgan claims everyone is a hypocrite, especially his father. However, Ava defends Sonny, and advises Morgan to give his father a chance to explain. 

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Carly demands to know why Sonny destroyed his son’s marriage.  Sonny reminds Carly she wanted him to do something to stop the wedding in the first place. Carly points out the way he did it is the problem, and asks why he spilled the beans tonight.  Carly tells Sonny she knows he’s not taking his pills. 

Michael doesn’t understand why Sonny would have told the truth tonight, and is angry with Morgan for lying.  Kiki admits she lied, too. She told Morgan she loved him, when in fact, she loves Michael more. 

Silas brings Sam food in the hospital to make up for not going to dinner.  They make small talk about their families, and Sam wonders if there is something in Silas’ past that can hurt her, like Ava said.  Silas mentions Ava has a darker, spiteful side, and lashed out to get under Sam’s skin. 

Lulu and Dante have a hard time quieting a crying Connie.  Lulu wonders if the baby would rather be with someone else.  Eventually, the two parents fall asleep beside the baby. 

Maxie accidentally attacks Spinelli, because he was letting himself into her apartment.  Spin admits he’s been trying to avoid her.  Maxie feels he hates her, and Spin reminds Maxie she gave his daughter to someone else to raise. The pain of her actions is constant.  Maxie argues she did what she thought was best, and hates herself for hurting him. 

Maxie has no one but Spinelli.  He asks about Lulu, and Maxie mentions she had to make a choice between the two of them. When given the chance to make things right, she chose Lulu.  She doesn’t know if it was the right decision, but there’s no turning back.  Spinelli asks if she misses the baby, and Maxie admits she’s working through it in therapy.  Spin hates what Maxie did, but doesn’t hate her. 

Michael is surprised to hear Kiki admit she loves him, and confesses he loves her as well. He believes they can be together now.  Kiki knows they aren’t free to be together, and mentions she’s still married.  She points out every time Morgan sees them, it will open the wound, but Michael doesn’t want to lose her.  He feels they can deal with all obstacles, and Kiki finally agrees.  They kiss, and Michael says tonight is just for them. 

Morgan continues to rant about Michael, and how everyone thinks he deserves to be happy.  Ava admits Sonny betrayed him, but he also loves Morgan. She tells Morgan not to write him off.  Morgan will never forgive his father for this.  Ava understands how Morgan feels, since that’s how she feels about Silas, who’s now with someone else.  She tells Morgan he’s not alone and holds his hand.

Morgan thanks Ava for always being supportive of him, and feels no one else has stood by him like she has.  He reaches over, and they kiss.  Ava breaks it off, and moves across the room. However, Morgan reaches for her again, and this time, the two start tearing off each other’s clothes. 

Carly tells Sonny she’ll stay and help him, because if she doesn’t, the darkness will swallow him.  Sonny doesn’t want to take the medication, because it makes it too easy to live without Connie. He wants to feel the pain.  Carly reminds him the last time he went off his pills, he was a danger to everyone. She knows Connie wouldn’t want him to be in pain. 

Carly wants Sonny to be in control for his granddaughter, Morgan and Kristina. They are just like him, and need a good example.  Carly stresses it’s the right thing to do, and warns he’s showing a disservice to Connie’s memory if he hurts himself in her name.  Sonny admits he misses Connie, and accepts the pills from Carly.