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Amber Tamblyn Talks Two and a Half Men Debut

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Former General Hospital star Amber Tamblyn is taking a dip into the world of sitcoms. The House alum makes her debut on the season premiere of Two and a Half Men tonight.

Just what can viewers expect when Tamblyn comes on as the late Charlie Harper’s (Charlie Sheen) daughter, Jenny? Is the young woman aware of her father's death? In an inteview with TVLine, Tamblyn stated:

She does know, yeah. I think she’s just sort of searching. She moved to L.A. to become an actress, and I think that’s sort of secondary conversation on top of the fact that Los Angeles is the mecca of partying and lifestyle and hot ladies. I think that’s really what Jenny is after.

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Tamblyn also discusses what tips Sheen gave her when she took on the role.

Actually, he gave me his phone number through somebody else. I think he just was in general reaching out to say, “Hey, I’m here for any reason. If you have any questions or want to talk about anything, I’m here” — which I think is super-classy and awesome.

Season 11 of Two and a Half Men airs tonight at 9:30 pm EST on CBS.

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