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Perkie's Observations: Carly Finds Out About Morgan and Ava on General Hospital!

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Ava and Morgan wake up in bed together.  She feels they have made a mistake, and worries what Carly's reaction will be. At that very moment, Carly knocks on the door. She wants to speak with Ava. Ava begs Morgan to hide, as Carly lets herself into the room. 

Kiki and Michael spent the night talking at the restaurant, and wake up there.  Michael still doesn’t understand why Sonny went off at the party. Kiki admits she told Morgan she loved him, even though she didn’t.  She’s worried about Morgan, and wonders where he spent the night. 

Olivia stops by Lante’s to get them ready for baby Connie’s christening.  Dante shows her the newspaper with a headline about Sonny’s shipment explosion. Olivia tells her son Sonny doesn’t know about the shipment yet, and explains to them what happened at the wedding reception. 

Diane wants to discuss Franco’s financial problems with him.  She informs Franco his assets are frozen by the state of New York, and the families of his victims are filing a civil suit.  Franco wonders how he’ll live, and feels this lawsuit could take years.  Diane spots the painting Heather made for him, and assumes it’s one of his. She suggests he could sell it, and she’d broker the deal.  Franco admits the painting is not his, but decides to start painting again. 

Carlos overhears Patrick and Sabrina discussing his visit from the previous night.  Sabrina reassures Patrick he has nothing to be jealous of, and Carlos is out of her life for good. 

Alexis runs into Derek reading his own newspaper at Kelly’s.  She introduces Shawn, and Derek comments on the explosion the night before.  Shawn pulls Alexis aside, because he's upset she told Derek he works for Sonny.  Alexis apologizes, and then tells Shawn she was worried about him when she heard about the explosion. She feels they need to be civil to each other, since their kids are dating.  She asks if Shawn knows who set the explosion, and he tells her his only lead is a supposed dead man.  Alexis is shocked when Shawn tells her the dead man's name is Julian Jerome. 

Morgan hides and listens, as Carly blames Ava for what happened at the party. She knows she manipulated Sonny into throwing the party when he wasn’t ready.  When Carly mentions Morgan and Kiki, Ava says their marriage is over. Carly wonders how she would know that information.  Morgan knocks over a vase, and Carly wonders who Ava has hiding in the back.  She thinks it's Franco, and can't believe her eyes when Morgan shows himself. 

Kiki worries she has no place to stay, and Michael offers up his place. Kiki knows people will not approve, and believes it’s not a good idea.  Michael feels people will adjust, but Kiki wants to do this right. She thinks she should stay with her mother.  When Kiki isn’t able to reach Ava by phone, Michael offers to let her into her mother’s suite. 

Olivia says Sonny will be at the christening, despite his problems, and asks about Lulu’s parents. Lulu informs her Laura is still in France, and she doesn’t think Luke will make it.  Olivia asks about the godparents, and Dante admits they haven’t been picked any yet.  Lulu explains Maxie has had issues, and Dante points out he can’t pick either Michael or Morgan now.  Olivia tells them to make a decision. 

Carlos wants Sabrina to stitch up his arm.  She tells him he needs a doctor, as Patrick walks in on them. 

Carly is livid Ava and Morgan slept together, and goes after Ava. Morgan quickly breaks them up.  Carly shouts Ava is a predator, who is manipulating him. She wants Morgan to leave with her immediately.  Morgan accuses his mother of lying to him, and stabbing him in the back.  He feels Ava is the only one he can trust, and he's staying with her.  Carly warns she’ll have security kick Ava out, and storms off.

Ava worries she’s coming between Morgan and his mother.  Morgan doesn’t see it that way, and the two end up back in bed.

Michael lets Kiki into Ava’s room, and the two are shocked to find her in bed with Morgan. 

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