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Perkie's Observations: Ava and Morgan's Affair Continues to SCANDALIZE General Hospital!


Kiki is shocked to find Morgan and Ava in bed together. Morgan rubs it in that he and Ava were having sex. Morgan accuses Kiki and Michael of doing the same thing, but Michael insists  they spent the night talking and worrying about Morgan. Ava wants them all to be rational. Kiki becomes angrier and slaps her mother in the face.


An upset Carly runs into Franco and goes on a rant. Franco wonders what Ava did. Carly explains what happened with Morgan. Carly claims she wants to kill Ava, but Franco tells her not to because he cares about her.

Lulu invites Maxie over to ask her to come to the baby's christening. Maxie is surprised because she thought Lulu would ban her from the baby's life. Lulu says she understands Maxie is working things out and wants her to be a part of their lives. Lulu asks Maxie to be baby Connie's godmother and Maxie accepts.

Dante runs into Spinelli while out with the baby. Spin gets worried when Dante mentions colic. Dante reassures him the baby is fine and then asks Spin to be the baby's godfather. He explains things aren't good between Michael and Morgan and Lulu thinks of him as family. At first Spinelli refuses, since he knows nothing of the Catholic faith. Dante assures him he'll just need to guide the baby if needed. Spinelli agrees to be the godfather.

Sabrina introduces Patrick and Carlos. They make small talk until Patrick says he knows Carlos showed up at the house the night before. Carlos says he wants Sabrina back and asks why Patrick is still wearing his wedding ring. Patrick says he's a widower. Carlos says he wants to marry Sabrina and claims she's no more than Patrick's babysitter.

Sabrina tells Carlos they are over and none of this is his business. Carlos tells her Patrick is living in the past, but that he wants a future with her. After he leaves, Sabrina apologizes to Patrick who says he doesn't see her as just the babysitter.

Franco drags Carly into his room and gives her paint. He says to put her frustrations on the easel. Carly throws the paint onto him and says she blames him for bringing Ava into their lives.

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Carly is angry because she was starting to trust Franco. She thought there may be something starting, but then was upset when she thought he was sleeping with a groupie. Franco says the woman in his room meant nothing and pulls Carly into a kiss. She breaks it off and says she can't do this with him.

Kiki says Ava is a liar, a user and a slut. She lied to Kiki her entire life, then slept with her husband. Morgan points out he is no longer her husband. She left him for Michael.

Michael admits he hurt Morgan, but points out the marriage wouldn't have lasted. The secret would have come out. Morgan wonders if Kiki is Michael's reward for all that he's been through. He accuses Michael of taking what belonged to him. Michael helped himself to Morgan's wife.

Morgan accuses Michael of betraying him and says Ava is the only one who hasn't. He feels Ava is the only one on his side. He tells Kiki and Michael to go and live happily ever after and leave him and Ava alone.

Kiki declares she's done with both of them. Ava begs Kiki not to write her off, but Kiki stoms off.