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INTERVIEW: General Hospital's Jason Thompson on Robin's Return and Patrick's Complicated Love Life

It's the week Scrubs fans have been waiting for. Kimberly McCullough returns to TV screens as General Hospital's Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake! McCullough's leading man Jason Thompson (Patrick Drake) couldn’t be happier. 


“I had a great time working with Kimberly for the past six, seven years," said Thompson when I caught up with him last month at the Television Critics Press Tour.

The powers that be really wanted Robin back on screen, Thompson conveyed.

“We really wanted to make it happen. She had some time off and they wanted her back,” Thompson explained. “There are a lot of fans that love us together; which is a testament to the writing and the show as a whole. Kimberly and I brought an energy together and it really worked. It really starts with good story. And we’ve had some great storylines together. People really want to watch. They relate to the characters, who have been through a lot.”

Thompson believes Robin will forgive Patrick for starting a life with Nurse Sabrina (Teresa Castillo), after his dalliance with diabolical Dr. Britt (Kelly Thiebaud).

“He’s really been trying to move on," he said. "It’s a weird, kind of confusing time for anyone to do that. I think that Robin would know that Patrick’s heart is in the right place. His mind and other anatomies have kind of gotten him in trouble every once in a while! But I think that Robin knows him in a way that nobody else in the world really knows him. She knows him better probably than he knows himself.”


While Thompson is playing a brain surgeon, he still was able to be duped by Britt.

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“Well, she is an attractive woman," Thompson quipped. "I think Robin would also understand Patrick being kind to her. I’ve had people question how Patrick can look at Britt and think she is a decent person. And the truth of the matter is, Robin forgave Patrick for a lot of mistakes in his life. If he were to have turned his back on Britt, I don’t think it would have been the right thing. Robin has always taught Patrick to be forgiving. She would probably have said, ‘You’re messing up, but I know where your heart is at.”


Thompson acknowledged Castillo and Thiebaud for the work they have done on the show. “They have both done a terrific job coming into a storyline where Patrick and Robin were pretty cemented on that show. They have been asked to throw a wrench into that in different ways and have both held their own. Hats off to them!”

Thompson was equally complimentary about Brooklyn Rae Silzer who plays his daughter Emma. “You can’t lose when you have little Brooklyn! She is the best. She really has been doing a great job.”


Thompson has loved to see the growth in his character over the years. “It’s been fun to see how he has progressed and evolved. The life he has now is different than what he planned.”

Outside of GH, Thompson is always busy. “I have been working on a book. I am part of a project with a buddy of mine, my producing partner, Donnie Eichar. It’s coming out in November;  a biographical, documentary-style book about hikers who disappeared on a Russian mountain in 1959. We did a lot of research on them. And I’ve been working on my music a lot.”