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Perkie's Observations: Jerry Jacks Toys With Robin Scorpio on General Hospital

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Lulu doesn’t understand how Maxie found herself pregnant with Spinelli’s child. Maxie explains the miscarriage. She was going to use another embryo but couldn’t. Lulu says all this time they thought the baby was theirs. She feels Maxie should have told her, so that they could start with a new surrogate. Maxie reminds them they wanted to adopt and she didn’t think they would care. Dante says they signed up for their biological child.


Britt comes to and tells Nikolas her mother was there and sees the baby is gone.  Nik wants to call Anna, but Britt is worried since Anna doesn’t like her.  Nik feels it’s the best chance to find Ben.

Jerry tells Robin if she creates a cure for him, he’ll let her go home. He tells her about the Nurse’s Ball and shows her a DVD of it. Robin watches the DVD and is thrilled to see Patrick, Emma, Duke and her mother. Jerry points out Sabrina and tells her she’s Patrick’s new woman. 

Patrick talks to Sabina about Robin. He says a part of him can’t accept that Robin is gone. Patrick says he loves Sabrina, but he’s holding onto a fantasy.  Patrick admits he needs to let go of Robin and live in the present. He takes off his ring. 

Anna tells Duke she’s been thinking about Robin and can’t let her go. She explains how she told Patrick to take off his ring and move on, but she thinks of Robin constantly.  She feels Robin is still alive out there. 

Alexis wants Derek’s help in finding out if Julian Jerome was Sam’s father. Derek agrees to look into it. Alexis offers to take him out to dinner to thank him. Duke overhears her talking about Julian and tells her he worked with Julian.  Alexis asks if Julian was ever in New Hampshire. Duke says Julian went to Dartmouth. Alexis wonders if she had another child with a mobster. 

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Britt tells Anna her mother took Ben. Anna asks why she didn’t call the police and thinks Britt is working an angle with her mother.  Anna wants the truth. Britt swears she’s told her everything. 

Lulu wonders what Maxie thought would happen when the secret came out. Maxie says she’s giving them the baby — she's their baby.  Dante says being a parent is life-altering. Kids are not interchangeable. Maxie didn’t want them to be disappointed. She only wanted to give them a family. 

Lulu feels she should never have trusted Maxie.  Spin tries to defend the mother of his daughter. Lulu points out Connie could have gotten sick and they wouldn’t have known her history.  Maxie says she did it because she loves Lulu and gave up her daughter to her best friend. 

Lulu says Maxie let them dream, then tore it away. She calls Maxie selfish. Maxie says she wanted to help.  Lulu and Dante storm off, leaving Maxie and Spinelli to hug.