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LIVE BLOG: Scandal Season 3 Premiere

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Suit Up Gladiators! It's finally here! The season 3 premiere of ABC's hottest show Scandal airs tonight, and I will be here to live blog it all. Join me when the show starts at 10E/9C for all the "twisty crazy good" drama. Drop me a line in the comments on what you expect to see on tonight's episode!

Here We Go! I've been waiting for this all summer.

We start with a slew of reports of Olivia Pope being outed as Fitz's mistress. We flash between The White House and OPA. OPA seems to be doing damage control. They are unplugging the phones and locking the doors.

Rowan and Olivia are in the car. He makes a crack about her being quiet and wishing she should have been as a child. They go to an airport hanger and Rowan reads Olivia for filth. He goes on about The White House not protecting her when this comes out, and her believing Fitz loved her.

Oh My God! Rowan just reduced Olivia to the Pope to a small child. I don't even know what's happening. This is insanity. He forced Olivia to say she has to be "Twice as Strong". Rowan has a whole plan for Olivia to go away for good until he can get things back together.

In her fragile state, Olivia gets on the plane. She asks a flight attendant for her phone. She calls Cyrus and asks him to tell Fitz she said "Goodbye". Cyrus starts to freak out. He makes a big speech about how FItz would never forgive him if he thinks Olivia disappeared. Cyrus appeals to Olivia's soft side and gets her to get off the plane. She informs Rowan she's not leaving and gets back in the limo to back to OPA.

Wow! What an opening!

Jeanine is giving a press conference about Fitz's mistress. It's craziness in there.

Flash to Fitz, Sally, Cyrus, and the girl who played Siobhan from GH are talking about how to deal with the mistress situation. Sally refuses to condone Fitz's behavoir and Cyrus makes one of his big speeches. In turn, Sally reads Cyrus for his lifestyle, the baby and Cyrus' always talking down to her about being religious. Fitz throws everyone but Sally out. He offers her a drink and admits he slept with a woman who wasn't his wife. He apologizes for failing her, because he wasn't the man he said he would be. He wants to confess to the world who he is, but needs Sally to buy him some time. It works and Sally agrees to give it to him.

It's pandemonium at OPA. Reporters are at OPA and swarming Liv's car. Huck and Harrison make it through the crowd, and get Liv out of the car.

Inside OPA, the group wants to know what to do, but Olivia plays it cool. She says it's being handled, but they know better. Abby makes a comment about everyone calling to fire them, and Liv can't believe it. She starts to make calls to her clients for another chance, but everyone turns her down. While this is happening, Harrison is talking to the gang. He knows they need to handle the situation, even if Liv can't.

At the White House, Cyrus begs James for scoop. James won't do it, but Cyrus lays it on thick. James ends up saying reporters like to go to the bar where The Secret Service drinks to possibly get scoop. Cyrus kisses James.

Mellie confronts Hal about possibly outing Olivia as Fitz's mistress. We flash to Hal in a bar, drunk, talking to a reporter. He says somehting about Mellie finding out Fitz just slept with his trusted advisor. Then, we are taken back to the present. Melle asks Hal if he released Olivia's name, but he swears he didn't.

Back at OPA, David visits Olivia. He promises he left his white hat at the door, and is there as her friend. He wants to know what she's going to do. Before she can answer, the gang rushes into her office and tells her to turn on the TV. She does and it's bad news. There is a video of Fitz leaving Olivia's apartment. Rut Roh! The grits have hit the fan!

In the White House, Cyrus gets a call. Harrison calls Cyrus, and he has a proposition for Cyrus. He tells Cyrus it can't be Liv. Cyrus doesn't know Harrison, and hangs up in his face.

Holy Olivia's background Batman! They are firing away so much information, I don't know where to start. Olivia is an only child, and her mother is dead. She was an amazing student, but after graduating she was a party girl. She liked older men and "slept" her way up the totem pole. Sweet Mercy, this is all so much. I'm gonna have to watch it again. Cyrus doesn't want to paint Olivia as a slut.

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Flash to a garage. Rowan and Olivia have a conversation. She wants to know where Jake is (I don't really care), but Rowan won't tell her. He goes on a big tirade about no one protecting her. He advises her to get on the plane, because she is running out of options. Olivia shouts she is never out of options.

Olivia returns to OPA and opens the safe. Inside is the sealed black folder from last season. She opens it, and it's a providence key in case of extreme emergencies. She calls in the code and meets Fitz in a super secret bunker. "Hi". That one word gets me every single time.

Fitz fusses about Olivia for using her special one time only code for meeting him. If there was an attack, he can't get to her now. Poor man is freaking out. Olivia knows what she has done, but they have to make a plan because her name is out there now. Fitz calms down and agrees to make a plan. Olivia says they have to wait until everyone is there. Fitz thinks she means Cyrus, but she doesn't. At that moment, Mellie walks in. Awww Sookie Sookie Nah! It's about to go down.

Cyrus asks Tom where Fitz is, but Tom lies and says he's banging Mellie. Boy, Please! That's the best lie you could come up with.

Mellie, Fitz and Liv are making a plan. Mellie thinks they should just lie and deny like they always do, but Fitz and Liv know it won't work. They know that because Mellie said he had a mistress, there is no way of doing the same old thing. Mellie calls Olivia a whore, and Liv checks her. Liv said "Don't call me a whore to my face!" You better tell her Liv. Fitz thinks they should just tell the truth. Liv runs through the whole plan in her head and it works. However, Mellie thinks they are out of their mind. She knows everyone is going to ask too many questions. Fitz is sitting on a couch looking like he has not a care in the world. Mellie recaps Fitz and Olivia's relationship and is upset it isn't just sex between FItz and Olivia. Fitz outright says "That is me being in love with another woman". OMG! I am fully in my Olitz feels right now.

They start to come up with a plan. Liv asks how many times Mellie would be okay with Liv sleeping with Fitz. Mellie says two. They are going to say they slept together twice. Once after the inauguration and once after he got shot. Fitz doesn't want to lie, but Liv says it's the truth, just not all of it. They are all in agreement and Mellie leaves. \

Fitz asks Olivia how she is doing, and she swears she's fine. Fitz admits he isn't. Olivia goes on a big spill about how she always tells her clients the media is just doing their jobs, and everything will be fine. Liv is tearing up pretty badly. Fitz takes off his coat and starts to walk toward her. She begs him to stop, but he won't. Fitz hugs Olivia, and she starts to break down in his arms. Just leave me here to die okay folks. I'm just going to be sobbing in the corner. Olivia pulls away from Fitz and leaves.

Oh Lawd. Fitz is looking out of the window drinking scotch. That is never good for Fitz. Sally comes in Fitz's office, and Fitz tells her the plan. Sally is surprised Fitz and Mellie are sticking with their marriage. Fitz asks about Sally's husband and it appears her husband is having a little more "fun" these days. Sounds interesting.

Fitz advises Sally to condem him after his speech. She doesn't understand why he would do that. Fitz says it's because they are not married to one another. I think it's because Fitz is done.

Mellie goes to Cyrus and doesn't think Fitz and Liv's plan will work. She thinks they are crazy. She has another plan and wants Cyrus to hear her out.

At OPA, the gang are trying to come up with a plan to save Olivia. Harrison has a plan, but the gang are suspicious about going along with it without Liv's approval. We see a DVD, and Harrison says he needs everyone with him. He forces the gang to say "Gladiators" and the plan is on.

Harrison gives the DVD to Cyrus in a black limo and the plan is set into motion. We see a slew of news stories saying Jeanine is Fitz's mistress. They show a video of her drunk saying Fitz is hot. Sweet Mercy, they buried that girl to make Liv look innocent. Liv goes to OPA and shouts at the gladiators "What did you do?"

Fitz is shouting to find Cyrus. He's pissed they buried Jeanine. He walks into the oval, and Mellie is waiting for him. Fitz wants to set things right and clear Jeanine's name. Mellie refuses to go back on the Jeanine's story. WAIT WAIT WAIT. Did Fitz leak Olivia's name? I knew it. I called that last season!

We flashback to Fitz asking Tom for a favor. Fitz asked Tom to leak Olivia's name. He did it too.

We have the ultimate showdown scene between Fitz and Mellie. He says step one of his plan was to go to Blair House and pretend he cared about Melle's forgiveness. He says as long as Mellie had Liv's name, she was at her mercy. So he freed Olivia, and now it is World War 3 between them. Fitz basically told Mellie to bring it. Fitz straight up dropped the mic on everyone. BLOOP!

Harrison and Liv are at OPA. He says there is nothing wrong with a little self preservation. Liv tells him they have a client, and Jeanine is sitting in the office.

Cyrus returns home to find Charlie holding a gun to him. James is in the bed unconscious next to Charlie. Cyrus worries he killed him, but he's just drunk and passed out. Charlie has to take Cyrus somewhere.

Cyrus is at B613 HQ and Rowan walks in. He makes Cyrus up his security cleareance, and gives him the goods on Operation Remington. It's a mission Jake and Fitz flew together in the Navy in Iran. Rowan makes Cyrus read a folder about what really happened and Cyrus says "Oh My God". Then, we fade to black. Holy Crap! What an episode! Scandal. Is. Back.

That's It folks! I'm out of here! Tell me what you thought of the ep in the comments!