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Perkie's Observations: Robert Scorpio is Back on General Hospital!

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Anna calls Duke with an update then checks in on Robert, who’s awake from his coma.  Robert wonders how long he’s been out. Anna tells him that it’s been almost a year.  She’s angry with Dr. Olbrecht and realizes Robert doesn’t remember who poisoned him. 

Robin wants to know why Dr. Olbrecht has Patrick’s son and accuses her of kidnapping the baby.  Dr. O is annoyed that she wasn’t able to get rid of Robin, since Jerry wanted her to find the cure.   Robin brings up her father. However, Liesl warns that he won’t remember anything even if he wakes up from his coma. 

Alexis meets with Duke to ask about Julian Jerome.  Duke shows her a photo of a young Julian, but Alexis doesn’t remember what he looked like.  She wants a way to find out if Julian was Sam’s father. Duke tells her about Lucas, being Julian’s biological son.  Duke tells her to have Lucas agree to a DNA test.

Sabrina and Patrick discuss Ben’s kidnapping when Sabrina gets another bunch of flowers. She decides she needs to deal with Carlos and heads off.  Sam stops by to thank Patrick for everything he’s done for Danny and wants to give him something.  Patrick wants her to get rid of Carlos. 

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Jerry brings food to an ailing Luke, who wonders why Jerry hasn’t killed him yet.  Jerry tells him that he’s going to use Luke as a guinea pig once his doctor perfects the cure. 

Julian complains to Carlos that Alexis is digging into Julian’s past and worries that it will mess with his plans.  Sabrina arrives, angry with Carlos and tells him to back off.  Carlos tells her that he loves her more than Patrick does and mentions the ring.  Sabrina tells him that Patrick took off the ring because he’s ready for a future with her. 

Dr. Olbrecht explains how Sabrina wormed her way into Patrick's heart by using Robin’s memory.  Robin objects, saying she told Patrick to move on.  Liesl says Sabrina has taken over Robin’s life, leaving nothing for her to go home to but Robin accuses her of stealing her life. 

Patrick explains to Sam about Carlos and that it bothers him  Sam asks why Patrick took off his ring and he says it wasn’t fair to Sabrina.  Sam points out that Robin wouldn’t want him to sit back and that he should let go.   Patrick admits that it’s hard to move on.  Sam tells him about her date with Silas and admits she’ll never stop loving Jason.  She thinks they should both be happy. 

Robin pretends to show Dr. Olbrecht something on the microscope but then knocks her out, determined to get back home to Emma and Patrick.

Anna explains to Robert about Dr. Olbrecht and how they were at the clinic to find Duke.  Robert remembers everything until he ran off after Dr. O.  Mac tells him that he’s back with Felicia and Robert is happy to hear it.  Robert continues to try and remember but Anna tells him to rest.  Finally Robert remembers and tells Anna that Dr. Olbrecht was with Robin.