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Perkie's Observations: Will Anna Believe Robert About Robin on General Hospital?

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Anna is shocked when Robert tells her he saw Robin with Dr. Obrecht. She thinks Robert is in denial, that he refuses to accept Robin is dead.

Robert swears he saw Robin. Dr. Obrecht has her and they need to find her. Robert reminds her of who was behind all of this and Anna wonders if it’s possible Faison faked Robin’s death. Robin knocks out Dr. Obrecht and uses her fingerprint to open the door. Jerry catches her as she’s trying to escape with Ben.

Robin warns she’ll press the button for the cryogenics and send the lab into a deep freeze; Jerry will lose the cure.  Jerry calls her bluff, reminding her Dr. Obrecht is unconcious inside. Robin would never deliberately kill someone. Robin hits the button, but nothing happens. Jerry tells her the cryogenics were removed to make way for her lab. Sonny orders Shawn to find out information on who’s trying to act against him. Carly arrives to discuss Morgan and tells Sonny about Ava seducing their son.

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Carly feels Ava is taking advantage of Morgan. Sonny points out Morgan is an adult, but promises to track him down.  He warns Carly they need to play it smart and not push Morgan further into Ava’s arms.  He orders Shawn to find Morgan and Ava. Ava doesn’t think she and Morgan should continue their affair, but he feels they aren’t hurting anyone and need to get over their exes.  He tells Ava to stop punishing herself and the two christen her new couch. Julian finds out Ava and her boy toy have checked out of the hotel and tracks her down at her new appartment. He reminds Ava they need to take care of Sonny, as Morgan walks out of a back room.

Julian introduces himself as Derek and heads out.  Morgan questions what Derek meant about dealing with Sonny. 

Tracy turns out to be Luke’s new guard and he’s shocked to see her.  She explains about Olivia’s vision and that he asked for her help.  Luke tells her Jerry’s doctor is working on a cure and will test it on him. Tracy is determined to get the cure for him and heads off in search of Jerry. 

Carly finds Derek and asks him where she can find Ava.  Shawn tells Sonny he knows where to find Ava and Morgan. 

Tracy returns to Luke and lets him know she didn’t see the doctor, just Jerry and Obrecht.  She decides to wait for Jerry to come with the cure and take it from him. 

Dr. Obrecht is angry with Robin for knocking her out, but Jerry says they still need Robin’s help to finish the cure.  Jerry locks Robin back into the room. Dr. Obrecht decides she needs to go and see Faison to tell him about their grandson. 

Robert continues to try and convince Anna Robin is alive.  Anna admits she can’t process Robin’s death, but still isn’t certain Robert is right.  She decides she needs to get information from Faison and makes arrangements to see him.  She warns Robert not to tell anyone what he knows about Robin until they know for sure she’s alive.