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Who Is ABC's Most Evil Soap Queen? (POLL)

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One is haunting Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary). Another is serving as the icy First Lady of the United States. Then there's Snow White's evil stepmother and we can't forget the Hampton's top bitch. Let's face it, ABC has plenty of badass evil queens on air right now!

Even in death, General Hospital's Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) is exacting revenge on Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary).

To the American public, Scandal's Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) is the perfect First Lady, but behind closed Oval Office doors, she's as ruthless and cunning as they come.

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Whether Mayor of Storybrooke or Queen of a fairytale land, Regina (Lana Parrilla) is forever ripping the hearts of her victims from their bodies.

Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) is the ruthless queen of the Hamptons, who will do anything to stay in power. Too bad she isn't much of a match for  Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp).

Who do you think is ABC's most evil soap queen?