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Top 5 Moments From Once Upon A Time's "Lost Girl"

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Sunday's Once Upon A Time found our favorite Storybrooke characters amidst a dog fight at every turn. Check out the Top 5 Moments from OUAT's "Lost Girl".


Emma and Peter Pan Chat

In Neverland, a sleeping Emma (Jennifer Morrison) was awakened by the sound of crying children. She tried to wake up everyone else, but it didn’t work. She wandered through the woods for a bit to find the source of the crying, and ran into Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) himself. When Pan revealed his identity to Emma, she held a sword to his throat. She demanded to know Henry’s whereabouts, but of course, Pan didn’t tell her. He admitted Henry was a special boy, but Emma already knew that. Pan informed Emma he was there to help her find Henry. Emma removed the sword from Pan’s neck to let him speak.

He gave Emma a map, and promised it would lead her straight to Henry. Emma warned if Pan were playing a game with her, she would have his head on a platter. Pan told Emma it doesn’t matter where she finds Henry; it’s about how she finds him. She is the only person who can find him. Pan gave Emma the map, but it turned out to be a blank piece of paper. He advised Emma she could only read the map when she stops denying who she really is. Will Emma be able to follow Peter Pan’s directions and rescue Henry?


Rumpelstiltskin’s Vision

As Rumpel (Robert Carlyle) stared at the doll Felix (Parker Croft) threw at his feet, he heard a noise. He put the doll down to investigate the sound, and a mystery person took the doll and ran. A chase ensued, and Rumpel caught the culprit. He unveiled the person, and it turned out to be Belle (Emilie de Ravin)! Rumpel couldn’t believe his eyes, and asked how she got to Neverland. Belle was more concerned with how he was dressed as The Dark One. He admitted it was his future, because it is the only way he could save Henry. Belle didn’t think Rumpel had completely become The Dark One yet, and pulled him in for a kiss. Just before their lips touched, Rumple backed away. He knew something was wrong, and Belle wasn’t really in front of him. Belle confessed she wasn’t, and remained in Storybrooke with everyone else. He asked if the protection spell worked, and it did.

Suddenly, Rumpel grabbed Belle’s throat and wondered if she wasn’t a vision Pan conjured up to lead him astray. Belle informed him Pan wasn’t behind her appearance to him, Rumpel was. She wanted to know why he imagined her there. Rumpel thought she would show him the answer, but she didn’t.

Belle knew he had to be hiding something. He confessed he was a coward just like his father. Rumpel informed Belle of the deal Pan offered him about Henry (Jared S. Gilmore). Belle figured out Rumpel was afraid of making a selfish decision. She asked him about the doll, and Rumpel mentioned it was the last thing his father gave him. Belle advised him to let his past go, and it would help him make the right decision. She disappeared into the night, and Rumpel threw the doll off a cliff. However, the doll kept reappearing everywhere Rumpel went. He eventually put the doll back into his inner coat pocket. Will the doll lead to Rumpel’s demise?

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Following The Map

Emma and the group tried everything they could think of to make the map appear on the page. Emma recalled her entire history in Storybrooke, but the page remained blank. Regina (Lana Parrilla) quickly grew tired of doing things Emma’s way, and snatched the paper out of Emma’s hands. She enchanted the paper with magic to lead them to Henry. The paper glowed and floated into The Dark Jungle. Earlier, Captain Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) warned everyone never to step foot in The Dark Jungle, because it is a very dangerous place. However, the group had no choice but to follow the map for a chance at finding Henry. Emma led the group into The Dark Jungle.

They walked for a while, and came upon a boy who looked like Henry from behind. However, when the boy turned around, it was Peter Pan. Pan was highly upset Emma broke the rules of the map. He warned cheaters never win, and The Lost Boys surrounded the gang. Hook advised everyone to watch out for The Lost Boys’ arrows, because they were laced with Dreamshade.

The fight began, and arrows flew around everywhere. One came dangerously close to David (Josh Dallas), but he assured Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) he wasn’t hit. The scuffle didn’t last long, and Pan called off The Lost Boys. He once again told Emma the map would appear when she finally admitted who she was. With those words, he and The Lost Boys disappeared into The Dark Jungle. Will Peter Pan thwart the groups plan to find Henry?


Snow White and Prince Charming vs. Regina

After Prince Charming broke Snow White’s sleeping curse, the two decided it was time for Snow to reclaim her kingdom. Snow gave a speech to several citizens about unseating The Evil Queen from her throne, and retaking control of her proper place as Queen. She urged the citizens to join her in fighting TEQ to get the kingdom back. However, the people were not interested in battling with TEQ. Suddenly, The Evil Queen herself appeared behind the crowd. She was not amused by Snow’s speech, and proposed a deal for her. She wanted Snow to declare the kingdom was TEQ’s, and in return TEQ would let her, Charming, and the seven dwarfs go free. Snow asked what would happened if she refused. TEQ taunted someone might get hurt, and Darth Vader choked a random citizen off the ground by magic. Snow rushed TEQ to get her to stop, and she vanished into a purple could of smoke before Snow could reach her. TEQ reappeared, and threatened to kill one of Snow’s loyal subjects everyday she didn’t submit to her requests.

Snow, Charming and the dwarfs tried to formulate a plan to take on Regina. Snow wanted to give up, but the others didn’t. Charming attempted to get her to change her mind, but it was to no avail. Snow walked away, and Charming wanted the dwarfs to help Snow realize she could fight Regina. The dwarfs refused, and Charming had to come up with another plan.

He visited Rumpelstiltskin and asked for another favor from him. He wanted Rumpel to give him something to make Snow believe in herself. Rumpel refused, because belief has to come from within. Charming asked Rumpel to name his price on something to help Snow.

Snow practiced shooting arrows in the woods, and Charming visited her. He mentioned he went to Rumpel for help, and Snow was upset. However, she was curious about what Rumpel said. Charming mentioned a legendary magical weapon Rumpel promised would help her reclaim the kingdom. Somehow, Charming managed to talk Snow into finding the weapon.

Charming and Snow journeyed to the weapon made by Merlin in the land of Camelot. The weapon, Excalibur, was stuck in a stone, and could only be pulled out by the kingdom’s true ruler. Charming tried to pull Excalibur out of the stone, but was unsuccessful. He asked Snow to give it a try, and she did. To her surprise, Excalibur was smoothly released from the stone.

Snow, Charming and The Seven Dwarfs all met with TEQ to discuss the deal. Snow refused to accept her terms, and TEQ Darth Vader choked Grumpy (Lee Arenberg). After a pep talk with Charming, Snow charged TEQ with Excalibur. Once again, she disappeared into a cloud of purple smoke. However, when TEQ reappeared this time, she had a cut on her face. Snow challenged TEQ to bring her worst, because the fight is on. Can Snow and TEQ’s relationship get any more complicated?


Lost Girl Emma

After the battle, a worried Emma stared at the paper, yet again, to make the map appear. David urged Mary Margaret to speak to Emma, because he thought she could help. Mary Margaret sat next to Emma, and begged her daughter to keep fighting. Emma complained about Pan being a demon. Mary Margaret started to say Emma was the savior, but Emma didn’t believe her. She felt if it were true, the map would have shown them the way already.

Mary Margaret suggested maybe the person Emma thought she was, isn’t really who she is. Emma asked Mary Margaret to explain what she meant. She believed sometimes people needed a push to truly realize who they are.

Mary Margaret asked Emma why she stopped fighting one of The Lost Boys. Emma admitted it was because she saw herself in the boy. The despair in his eyes reminded Emma of how she felt as a child in the foster system. A little lost girl who longed for her parents to return for her. Emma continued, and confessed she felt like an orphan while in Neverland.

After Emma finally accepted who she was, the map appeared on the paper. Emma felt bad for saying she was an orphan in front of her mother, but Mary Margaret made it her job to change her feelings. Will The Charming be able to help Emma feel like their daughter?