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Wilson Bethel on Hart of Dixie Romance: “Wade Still Has Some Feelings”

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Wilson Bethelrecently spoke with Zap2it about the upcoming third season of Hart of Dixie. After Wade confessed his love to the titular Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson), she vanished for the summer. Now she's back, and with a new boyfriend, much to the chagrin of a heartsick Wade. So what can fans of the Wade-Zoe pairing look forward to?


Said Bethel:

Wade still has some feelings and Zoe still has some feelings. It's complicated. That's probably the appropriate terminology.

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He also revealed he was glad to not be the only cast member with a bunch of shirtless scenes this year. The news might also be welcome for fans of Scott Porter’s George.

From what I understand, Scott Porter is shirtless in Episode 2, God bless him. I'm grateful. I hope the whole season is Scott Porter shirtless. I'll let him indulge the fans.

Hart of Dixie premieres tonight at 8 pm on The CW.

Photo credit: The CW