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INTERVIEW: General Hospital's Finola Hughes on Mob Wars, Leading Men and Robin's Return

Any long time viewer of General Hospital can't help but smile, whenever the always beautiful Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) has scenes with Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) or Ian Buchanan (Duke Lavery). To that end, never in a million years did Hughes think she would be playing Anna for all these years.


"It's amazing, isn't it?" said Hughes when I ran into her at the Television Critics Association Press Tour last month. "I had no idea. It's truly a great role. I'm always excited about what the writers come up with."

Hughes enjoys the occasional flashback to Anna's epic adventures, though she's less enthusiastic about reliving 80's hair.

"My hair was so crazy," she admitted. "It was so huge!"


Anna certainly has a lot going on these days in Port Charles. A mob war is brewing, Robert's awake and she's just learned Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) may still be alive. Hughes had plenty to say about her then-upcoming storylines when we chatted.

"I am very interested in seeing what is going to happen," said Hughes of Anna's role as police commish amid the clash of the Jeromes and Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). " Oddly enough, I will be more sympathetic toward Sonny Corinthos, as the Jerome family impacted me personally."

Oversexed Ava Jerome (Maura West) has had several intense run-ins with Anna's lover, Duke Lavery. Is Hughes worried about the interloper setting her sights on Duke?

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"I'll deck her if she does!" Hughes quipped.

Hughes misses working with Michael Easton (Dr. Silas Clay), who no longer plays cop John McBain, but she had nice things to say about Anna's new go-to crime fighter.


"Obviously, I loved working with Michael and loved the character of McBain. I thought we had a great dynamic. I was very upset when his character left Port Charles and miss that chemistry between us. But now I get to work with Dominic [Zamprogna], and we have an equally great rapport. Dante is a great man to fight crime with, and Dominic is so great to work with. He's right there and so good to bounce ideas off of."

Now for the big question: How is Anna going to react once she confirms her daughter is alive?

"I really can't imagine how Anna is going to act once she knows for sure Robin is not dead," began Hughes."Anna will have to really think that through."

Anna's ex-boyfriend Luke (Anthony Geary) is thisclose to stumbling upon Robin at the Cassadine Compound. Could Luke possibly being the one to save her girl rekindle Slim's feelings for the platinum blonde rogue?

"I always feel like Anna has feelings for him," said Hughes. "She loves, loves, loves Duke, but she finds a lot about Luke to be compatible."

Outside of the soap, Hughes directed her first film last year and is getting ready to  direct another next year. "My first film, The Bet, is currently making its rounds at the film festival circuit, which is really exciting for me. And this next one I am doing is also a romantic comedy, which is a genre I kinda like."