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Perkie's Observations: The Battle For Baby Connie Begins on General Hospital

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Derek wonders why Carly needs to find Ava. Carly explains Ava slept with her son. She believes the woman is trying to exploit him and take advantage of Morgan’s immaturity.


Derek points out Morgan is a grown man who can make his own choices. Carly insists Ava is abusing her position of trust. Derek wonders if Carly is fixated on Morgan’s love life because she doesn’t have one of her own.

Morgan questions Ava about hearing Sonny’s name. She takes him to task about eavesdropping on conversations. She claims Derek, as publisher of the newspaper, was pressing her for information he could use. Sonny knocks on Ava’s door. 

Lulu and Dante meet with Alexis to discuss the option of adopting Connie. Alexis says it’s possible, but Maxie and Spinelli would have to sign their consent. Lulu assures her Maxie was clearly giving up her rights to Connie.

Olivia reads Spinelli and Maxie the riot act. She feels Maxie has been deceitful and selfish in letting Lante fall in love with a baby that wasn’t theirs. 

Olivia questions Spinelli’s feelings. Maxie is quick to say none of this was his fault. 

Heather thinks Franco wants her help in getting rid of Carly. She again warns him to stay away from her.

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Franco gushes over Heather’s painting. He claims he needs her help. He wants more paintings from her for inspiration. Heather is thrilled to help him, but warns about Carly yet again. 

Carly is shocked at Derek’s presumption. He reminds her he saw her break up with her boyfriend in the alley. Carly plays along. 

She asks Derek out to dinner. He’s suspicious of her motives, but she assures him she simply wants to spend time with a handsome stranger.  Derek agrees to join her. 

Olivia wonders if Spixie have decided they want to raise Connie. Spinelli admits it.  Olivia says she’s already told Dante to prepare for the worst, so they won’t be surprised. Olivia asks them to respect Lante’s feelings, since they’ll be the ones left with the empty crib. 

Sonny insists Morgan leave with him. Morgan refuses and accuses his father of choosing Michael over him.

Sonny admits he made a mistake in keeping the secret, but he’s still Morgan’s father. Morgan accuses Sonny of not keeping his word and storms off. 

Ava apologizes to Sonny, saying this isn’t what she wanted. Sonny warns Ava about how accidents can happen to people. Ava accuses Sonny of threatening her.  Sonny tells her she made a mistake making him her enemy. There’s now a target on her back. 

Alexis prepares the custody documents and tells Lante to make sure Spixie sign it. She then asks Lulu about her family, specifically Lucas. She goes on to explain his possible connection to Sam via Julian. Lulu tells her she doesn’t connect much with Lucas, but to speak with Carly. Alexis heads out to find Carly.

As Heather is leaving Franco’s room, Carly walks by. Franco pushes Heather back into the room. Franco begins to explain the woman in his room is his mother's cousin. Carly doesn't let him get it out. She declares she doesn’t care, since she’s getting ready for her date with Derek. Later, Franco confronts Derek.

Lulu calls Maxie to come over and discuss Connie. Maxie and Spinelli wonder if everyone is on the same page. Once they get to the apartment, Lulu tells them they have papers to sign.