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Is It The End of Luke and Laura on General Hospital?

General Hospital superstar Anthony Geary is blunt beyond words concerning which Port Charles lady his alter ego, Luke Spencer should spend his twilight years with. Here's a hint: It ain't the one he shared the cover of Newsweek with!


TV Guide Magazine’sMichael Logan spoke with Geary to find out where Luke’s heart is these days.

TV Guide Magazine: Assuming Luke survives, is his romance with Tracy [Jane Elliot] one for the ages?

Geary: Their relationship is gold and a joy to play. It's fraught with dysfunction and conflict but I think they really do love and respect each other. The good thing is they will never have children. She can be his support system and he can be hers, she can have her own storylines and he can have his, but they don't ever need to mesh into a hyphenation like Luke and Laura did.

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Geary has some sad news for Luke and Laura (Genie Francis) fans, however. Is soap opera's most famous duo completely done?

TV Guide Magazine: What do you say to the Luke-and-Laura diehards who want the characters happy and back together?

Geary: Okay. Here goes. First, some historical perspective. When Gloria Monty returned to GH as executive producer [in 1991], she wanted me to return with her, however neither us wanted to do Luke and Laura again. When last seen, they were desperately in love and delirious with joy about having their first child. They went off together into the sunset because that's what happens to happy, romantic couples you don't want to change. To me, as well as to Ms. Monty, that well-written exit meant the Luke and Laura story was over. The idea of them snuggled in a little house with children in Port Charles living an idealistic life together was out of the question.

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