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Perkie's Observations: Sam and Silas Get Hot and Heavy on General Hospital


Alexis wants to discuss Lucas’ biological father, and explains to Carly about the possible connection to Sam.  She wants Carly to ask Lucas for a DNA sample. Carly eventually agrees to talk to Bobbie.

Derek tells Franco he’s going to dinner with Carly, and Franco warns Carly is trouble.  Derek wonders why Franco would care. Franco tells him that he and Carly have mutual feelings, and he doesn’t want to mess it up.  Franco reminds Derek of his reputation as a killer, but ultimately, Derek isn’t threatened. He decides to meet Carly for dinner. 

Dante and Lulu explain to Maxie and Spinelli they want to formally adopt Connie. They ask Spixie to surrender their parental rights.  Maxie informs Lante they want to raise Connie themselves now, and don’t want Lante to adopt.  Lulu questions whether Spixie have made plans on how to raise Connie, and then vows they won’t get the baby. 

Molly and Rafe want to celebrate Danny’s homecoming, but are surprised to find a half dressed Silas in Sam’s apartment.  Molly and Rafe leave, and Molly asks Rafe about Taylor. She wants to know if they are an official couple now.   Rafe claims he and Taylor are dating. 

Sam and Silas share a glass of wine in celebration of Danny’s health.  Sam feels she’s had tough year, and is glad to get back to normal.  The two kiss and decide to take things further, but Danny’s cries interrupt their fun.  Silas gets a call from the hospital, and tells Sam he’s looking forward to their next time. 

TJ questions Taylor about her relationship with Rafe.  She claims they a couple, and she’s over TJ.  When Molly and Rafe arrive, she and Rafe pretend they are a couple. Once they are out of earshot, they congratulate each other on their act.

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Derek arrives for his dinner with Carly, which surprises Alexis.  The three make small talk, until Alexis gets a call from Dante and heads out.   Carly asks if there is anything between Derek and Alexis, but he assures her there isn’t.

Franco runs into Diane, and asks her to dinner. He spies on Carly and Derek, while Carly does the same.  Carly watches as Franco kisses Diane’s hand.  Carly, in turn, runs her hands over Derek’s face.  Franco asks Diane to go along with him, and kisses her.

Carly breaks it up, and wonders what’s going on.  Franco claims Diane is the woman who was in his room, so Carly heads back to her table and kisses Derek.  Franco admits to Diane he’s trying to make Carly jealous.  Derek understands Carly is doing this for Franco’s benefit, and is fine with it.  

Spinelli is surprised Lante are not immediately willing to relinquish Connie to them.  Lulu declares they’re being parents to Connie, and accuses Maxie of forgetting about their original agreement.  After Spin and Maxie leave, Lulu and Dante explain what happened to Alexis.  She tells Lante they can’t adopt Connie without Spixie’s consent.  Lulu swears she won’t give up the baby without a fight. 

Maxie and Spinelli are upset they can’t simply take their daughter home.  Spinelli calls Diane, and tells the legal maven he needs her expertise to get his child.