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Perkie's Observations: Will The Real Anna Devane Please Come Forward on General Hospital?

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Anna pays Faison a visit, where she asks about Robin. Faison tells her Robin is alive.


Mac questions where Anna has taken off to and reminds Robert it’s Robin’s birthday. Robert wants to tell Mac the truth, but remembers Anna telling him not to give anyone false hope.

Robert is upset he missed all the important dates in Robin’s life and couldn’t make it to her funeral. He wishes he could have been stronger for everyone. Mac assures him the family understood. 

Robin wonders where Dr. Obrecht has gone and why she didn’t take Ben with her. Jerry wants Robin to concentrate on finding the cure. He gives Robin a muffin with a candle for her birthday in hopes of giving her incentive. He reminds Robin if he dies on the island, so does she. 

Liz meets with Patrick and Emma, who’s making a birthday card for Robin. She's is surprised to hear Patrick has taken off his ring.

Patrick admits it wasn’t fair to Sabrina. He loves her and wants a future with her. 

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Patrick tells Liz how strange it felt to remove the ring. He thought it would help to let Robin go, but instead he feels a stronger connection.  Patrick continues to find it hard to believe Robin is really gone. 

Duke informs Olivia that Anna is visiting an awake Robert.  He’s worried Robert may want Anna back. Olivia reassures him Anna loves him. Then she remembers how dreamy Robert was. Olivia explains how she had a vision of Faison and worked with Robert in helping to get Duke back. 

Duke remembers it’s Robin’s birthday and feels he should treasure the memories he has of her.  Olivia has a vision of Faison and Anna kissing. 

Patrick remembers Robin’s last birthday, upset that he thought they had lots of time.  Liz tells him to remember all the good times and not to regret that Robin loved him. Liz tells him it’s time to let Robin go. 

Robin is determined to finish the cure so she can go home today. Later on, she calls Jerry in and tells him that she’s found the cure.   

Mac shows Robert a recording of Robin’s funeral, then admits he didn’t realize how hard it would be to see the love for Robin.  Robert says they should think of Robin as she was and not the funeral.  He looks to the heavens and wishes Robin a happy birthday. 

Anna is shocked to hear Faison tell her he kept Robin alive for her. He says he was working with Jerry, Ewen and Dr. Obrecht.  He explains Dr. Obrecht is in love with him, but swears to “Anna” he never returned the feelings. Faison says he only has love for Anna and kisses her. 

Faison is thrilled Anna kissed him back and wonders if it’s possible she loves him. The real Anna arrives for her meeting with Faison.  Dr. Obrecht angrily removes her mask to show she is not Anna.