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INTERVIEW: Josh Henderson Talks Texas Heat and Working Out For Those Dallas Season 3 Shirtless Scenes

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Sex and sizzle returned to Southfork in a big way when TNT brought back the classic soap opera Dallas a few seasons ago. As swaggering, cocksure, cowboy oilman John Ross Ewing, Josh Henderson has been proving he's more than worthy of his Ewing license plate, not to mention his magnum-size belt buckle.


“I am from Dallas and so to hear that it was coming back and then to be asked to be a part of the new cast, was really special," said Henderson, when I caught up with him at the Los Angeles Food & Wine festival last month. "Playing JR (the late Larry Hagman) and Sue Ellen’s (Linda Gray) son is the coolest thing ever for me. Every day, I’m like, ‘Wow, this is my job?' This is amazing!”

Henderson had no idea where his character will go this season. However, he's pumped to see what roads John Ross will head down.

“I was talking with my show’s creator [Cynthia Cidre], who had just turned in some upcoming storylines," began Henderson. "All I know is that it’s going to be the best season yet! Season 2 was amazing, so I can’t wait to see what unfolds. I’m definitely excited!”

Henderson is also thrilled to be shooting the hit series in his hometown.

“It’s the best thing in the world. I get to go home and shoot the show that put my city on the map worldwide," said the hunky star. "That’s just crazy. What are the odds?”

During his hiatus, Henderson did a lot of traveling.

“I was bouncing around," he began. "I went to the South of France and went throughout America. There’s three more trips planned before we start production. So that’s been fun.”

Henderson is happy the city of Dallas isn’t too hot in October!

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“It certainly makes for a more comfortable shooting of scenes,” he quipped.


Even if things are a little hot in Texas, Henderson can always cool off by ditching his shirt.

“I know they will have a lot of scenes with my shirt off this season," explained Henderson of why he's been working out constantly. "I have to look good!”

While he’s familiar with what his character went through in the original Dallas, Henderson hasn’t felt like asking the powers that be to write a story arc that would re-create any of the original storylines.

“It was so well done in the original,” Henderson acknowledged. “To be able to bring back a show, 20 years later, and have it be a success and win over the fans who were initially skeptical — that’s just a huge deal. That’s never happened ever. They have redone shows, but it’s not like the same cast 20 years later. This really is a huge undertaking and the fact that we are being accepted for me worldwide is incredible.”

He added, “I really trust the writers. Whatever they have for me, I know it’s going to be good!”

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