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Perkie's Observations: Robin Phones a Friend on General Hospital

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Faison is horrified and disgusted to see Liesl instead of Anna.  He’s upset at what Dr. Obrecht has put him through by raising his hopes and then dashing them.  Dr. Obrecht tells him he has a grandson.  

Anna tells the guard she’s there to see Faison. She gets confused when the guard tells her that Anna Devane is already in with Faison.  The guard heads off to find out what is going on. Anna gets a call from Duke, who explains Olivia’s vision.  Anna explains to Duke that she had to speak with Faison to get information. She promises she won’t be kissing Faison.

Robin says she has the cure and wants to be let go.  Jerry says he’s planning on testing it on someone else first.

Tracy sits at Luke’s bedside as he continues to get worst.  He worries that it may be too late for him in terms of the cure.  Luke declares his love for Tracy, who feels he’s giving up and that it’s easy to say on his deathbed.  Luke swears that if he survives this he’ll give her everything she wants.

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Nikolas lets Britt know that Anna is out of the country, but promises that other are searching for Ben.   Britt finds an email from her mother, with a video, showing her that Ben is fine.  Nik asks where Dr. Obrecht would have taken the baby and Britt realizes that Ben was taken to Faison.  Britt admits that Faison is her father.

Patrick is looking at the plane tickets he bought for Robin, when Sabrina walks in. She assumes they are for her.  Patrick quickly explains that they were a birthday present for Robin, who’s on his mind.  Sabrina wonders if it’s another way to hold on to Robin. Patrick feels he’s ready to let go and thinks he’s accepted her passing.  Sabrina says she understands the need to grieve.  Patrick reassures her that they will go on their own trip.

Dr. Obrecht explains that Britt had a son, who will carry on Faison’s legacy.  She wants to bring him to the child and tells him that he’s on Cassadine Island.  Faison doesn’t understand how she plans on getting him out of prison. Liesl explains that disguised as Anna she can fool the guards and take him out.

Jerry takes the cure to Luke and is about to give him a small portion when Tracy demands the entire vial.

Robin finds a cell phone in Jerry’s coat and tries to call out.  Patrick gets a phone call.

Anna insists there is only one of her.  Dr. Obrecht puts the Anna mask back on, ready to make plans to transfer Faison.  The two women run into each other.