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Scandal Recap: "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner"

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This week’s Scandal revealed more about Olivia’s (Kerry Washington) earlier relationships with Papa Pope (Joe Morton) and Huck (Guillermo Diaz). 

Meanwhile, she and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) plotted to preserve Jeanine’s honor, while Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) schemed to keep their “President’s Mistress” scheme intact. 

Flashbacks from five years ago revealed that Olivia and her father had been long estranged, even then.  They had a weekly dinner date, but that was only so Rowan would pay off her law school student loans. 

On the way home, she’d always drop off a doggie bag to Homeless Huck at Union Station.  One night two men tried to mug her at knifepoint, and Huck stepped in.  Olivia recognized his killer skills, and asked her father to check into him. 

Olivia believed her father worked at the Smithsonian, but knew he had a friend in the FBI.  She wanted him to ask about the secret organization Huck had said trained him, B613, or if he was just schizophrenic. 

After Olivia realized her father later lied about checking into Huck, she remembered something Huck had mentioned about his past, which made her realize Rowan was the head of B613!  A seething Olivia confronted him at dinner, and he cautioned her to leave it alone, but she told them they were through.

However, Olivia wanted to keep Huck safe.  This was also the around time when Edison had proposed to Olivia the first time.  She (eventually) accepted and brought him to meet dad, so she could throw Edison’s new position in her father’s face.  He’d just joined a Senate intel committee that was going to crack down on secret government organizations. 

Later, Rowan called Olivia threatening Edison.  She could have Huck, but had to break up with Edison or next time he wouldn’t survive any “accident.”  Olivia ended their relationship, and they hadn’t spoken until the mistress scandal. 

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Back in the present, Olivia and Fitz were secretly communicating through his favorite Secret Service Agent’s cell phone.  They wanted to clear Jeanine’s name.  Olivia also wanted Fitz to pull his weight and get Jake released from B613, since she knew the kind of torture he was going through because of Huck.  She’d also been checking the morgues since he went missing. 

After Olivia gave a press conference condemning the media and White House for how they’d handled the mistress scandal, she promised to prove it was nothing but slander against her client.  This made the media begin to doubt that if neither Olivia nor Jeanine were The Other Woman, maybe Mellie just made the whole thing up?

A journalist basically called Mellie a silly woman/vindictive liar, which meant she wasn’t fit to ever be president.  Mellie then privately met with Jeanine and offered her a tax-free 2 million to go along with the cover up. 

Olivia and her associates had been prepping Jeanine for a live interview where she’d deny the whole thing.  They realized last minute The White House had gotten to Jeanine, but Olivia was able to convince her to tell the truth.  Right before they were able to go on air, Fitz interrupted with a live press conference. 

Fitz admitted to an affair with Jeanine, and apologized to everyone.  So, why’d he lie?  If he perpetuated Cyrus’ lie, his Chief-of-Staff would talk to B613 about releasing Jake.  Jeanine was devastated, but at least she’ll get her money!

The perpetually irritating Quinn (Katie Lowes) was intrigued Olivia never mentioned her dad, and hacked her email.  She discovered they’d ceased talking around the same time Huck came to work for Olivia.  Huck then realized her father must be his old boss.

A furious Huck confronted Olivia in a deserted parking garage.  She backed away, and he throttled her, but he got her to admit her father’s identity.  I’m not sure why he was so angry at her.  Olivia helped him.  I feel bad that every man in Olivia’s life ends up treating her like crap.  No wonder she’s got issues!

Earlier, a desperate Olivia had offered to resume weekly dinners if Rowan released Jake.  Now, when he called right after the Huck confrontation, she told him to get lost.  He told her to open the door, and there stood a bloodied Jake. 

I found it really hard to believe Rowan, Olivia, and Huck all met without realizing they were connected.  I find it even harder to swallow that it was only Quinn (!!!), five years later, who was able to make Huck realize it.  There has to be more, right?  Maybe everything with Huck, in the beginning, was setup by her father? 

The most illuminating thing I gleaned from the flashbacks was that five years ago, Olivia didn’t like wine!  It wasn’t until her father introduced her to the expensive stuff that she found a taste for it.  Incredible!

I feel slightly bad for Jeanine, but I’m glad everything worked out for Mellie.  Mellie is an evil queen, and she is fabulous.  As much I love my Olitz, I think my number one ship is Mellie and The Presidency.  I can’t bear the nation thinking she’s unfit; so nice job, Mellie!

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