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Perkie's Observations: Justice is Served on General Hospital

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Anna and Dr. Obrecht square off against each other, while the confused guard stands off to the side.  Anna insists she is the correct person, and figures Dr. O is wearing a mask.  She tries to explain to the guard Faison has also worn a mask to impersonate someone, but Dr. Obrecht claims Anna is the imposter.  The guard forces them to drop their guns, but Liesl grabs hers and shoots him.  She and Anna fight until Anna knocks Liesl out.  Faison lets himself out of his holding room.

Robin tries to communicate to Patrick, but the phone reception is poor.  Robin does manage to say she’s alive, and needs Patrick’s help.  Before she loses the connection, Robin also tells Patrick she has his son.  Then, Robin’s phone battery dies. 

Tracy informs Jerry that only Luke will be getting the cure.  Jerry is certain Tracy wouldn’t shoot him, but she assures him she would, in memory of Alan and Edward.  Jerry tries to explain the cure may kill Luke, but Luke mentions he’s dying anyway. Tracy injects the entire syringe into Luke. 

Felix and Sabrina discuss her relationship.  He feels Patrick is ready to fight for her, but Sabrina worries things still aren’t right. She knows Patrick is still thinking of Robin. 

Nik is shocked to hear Faison is Britt’s father.  Britt tells Nik her mother is obsessed with Faison, and is certain Ben is with them. Nik wonders why she didn’t tell him the truth sooner, but Britt felt embarrassed by her family.  Nik assures her that his is no better.  Britt apologizes for lying to him, but Nik feels she’s a good friend.  The two rewatch the video, and Nikolas recognizes the painting in the background. He deduces Dr. Obrecht and Ben are on Cassadine Island. 

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Anna demands answers from Faison about Robin. She asks him if Robin is alive.  At first, Faison claims Robin is dead, but Anna tells him Robert is alive and remembers seeing her.  Anna asks if Faison got Dr. Obrecht to hide Robin for him.  Faison wonders if telling her the truth will anger her, or turn him into her hero.  Anna begs him to tell her the truth on his love for her. 

Faison admits Robin is alive.  Anna wonders why he would take Robin, and Faison admits he thought Anna would love him if he brought Robin back to her.  Anna demands to know where Liesl has taken Robin.  Faison tells her to get him out of prison, and they’ll find Robin together.  Dr. Obrecht comes to and knocks Anna out. 

Patrick desperately tries to find out who called him and from where.  Sabrina sees him upset, and he frantically tells her Robin just called him. He needs to tell Anna immediately.  Sabrina stops him, and assures him it must have been someone other than Robin.  Patrick is certain it was Robin’s voice, because he recognized it. However, he eventually realizes it’s not possible. 

Jerry tries to stop Tracy, so she shoots him in the shoulder.  Luke and Tracy leave, and lock Jerry in the room. 

Robin tries to recharge the battery by rubbing it against a blanket, and manages to get a bit of juice from it. However, Jerry arrives and takes his phone back.  Robin insists on being let go, since she found his cure.  Jerry informs Robin he doesn't have the cure, because it was taken from him. Now, he needs her to get him another one.

Dr. Obrecht convinces Faison he has no future with Anna, and needs to make his escape with her. Then, they can go to their grandson.  She wants Faison to have a future with her, instead of being Anna’s prisoner. 

When Anna comes to, the guard tells her Liesl and Faison have escaped.