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Top 5 Moments From Once Upon A Time's "Quite A Common Fairy"

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Love seemed to be the main theme of this past Sunday’s Once Upon A Time. Broken hearts and unrequited passion ran through the veins of several characters. Check out the Top 5 Moments from OUAT’s “Quite A Common Fairy”.


Neal’s Shadow Ride

Neal (Michael Raymond-James) needed to find a way to Neverland, and received a lucky break through Robin Hood (Sean Maguire). Robin Hood had a son, and Neal knew the child could be his ticket to Neverland.

Neal devised a plan for the child to summon the mysterious shadow creature, who steals children and takes them to Neverland. However, Robin Hood refused to put his son at risk, but eventually decided to allow the child to help Neal.

Robin Hood, Mulan (Jamie Chung) and Neal hid behind furniture, as the child looked out the window and uttered, “I believe”. After a long pause, the shadow creature appeared and attempted to steal the child. Robin Hood held on to his son for dear life, and Mulan managed to sever the hold the shadow creature had on the child. The shadow bolted out of the window, and Neal rushed to grab on to it. He succeeded in catching a ride with the shadow to Neverland, and ended up in a random jungle. Before Neal could get up, Felix (Parker Croft) greeted him. Can Neal find Emma and Henry with The Lost Boys already in his face?


The Evil Queen’s Other Soul Mate

In the Enchanted Forest, Tinkerbell (Rose McIver) wanted to help a depressed Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) find happiness. The two became fast friends, and Tink vowed to find TEQ’s other soulmate since Daniel died. In the process of helping TEQ, Tink broke every fairy rule in the book. She eventually found TEQ’s second soulmate, and enchanted his presence with pixie dust. Tink brought TEQ to the bar where he was, and urged her to go in and find him. She even told her the man would have a lion tattoo. Tink left, but TEQ couldn’t go in. As a result she never met her soul mate, and Tink was stripped of her fairy status.

In Neverland, Tink asked if TEQ ever went back and found her other soul mate. TEQ admitted she didn’t, and Tink was extremely disappointed. She informed TEQ she not only ruined her life, but his. The man with the lion tattoo turned out to be none other than Robin Hood. Is it too late for Robin Hood and TEQ to find their road to romance?

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David’s Battle with Dreamshade

As the group walked though the forest, Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) asked David (Josh Dallas) if he was going to tell Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) about his injury. David looked confused, but Hook told him he saw the arrow side swipe him. David conceded, and showed Hook his wound. Hook informed him he wouldn’t make it to summer. He felt bad for David, and urged him to tell Snow.

David refused, and brought up Tinkerbell’s pixie dust. He believed it could help his wound, and asked if Hook thought the same. Hook concurred, and suggested they find the dust sooner rather than later. How long will it be before the Dreamshade takes over David’s body?


Regina and Tinkerbell Face Off

Tinkerbell followed Regina through the forest in Neverland. She caught up to Regina, and blew some kind of dust in her face. The dust knocked Regina out cold. Regina woke up in Tink’s hideaway with her hands tied up. She quickly figured out Tink didn’t have anymore magic, because the dust didn’t knock her out for a long time. Regina was correct, and forcefully broke the rope around her hands. Immediately, Tink held an arrow laced with Dreamshade to Regina’s neck.

Tink was pissed Regina ruined her life in The Enchanted Forest. Regina dared Tink to kill her, and even ripped out her own heart to give Tink more incentive to do it. Tink held Regina’s heart in her hand and squeezed, but couldn’t bring herself to crush it all the way

Tink demanded to know why Regina lied about never meeting her soulmate. Regina admitted she couldn’t face him, because she didn’t want to be happy and weak. Regina warned Tink would end up just like her if she crushed her heart. Tink shouldn’t choose revenge over hope like Regina did in the past.

Later, Regina and Tink met up with the rest of the group. Snow and Emma made a deal with Tink to get Henry back. Tink would show them how to get into Pan’s hideout, and she could return to Storybrooke with them. Tink agreed to the deal, and they set off.  Will Tink keep her word?


Peter Pan and Henry Chat

After Henry (Jared S. Gilmore) tried to shoot Peter Pan (Robbie Kay) with an arrow full of Dreamshade, Pan spoke with him. Pan showed Henry how much fun The Lost Boys had with no rules, and told the boy he had been waiting on him for a long time. Henry felt he didn’t belong there, but Pan thought just the opposite. He believed Henry was the savior of magic, not Emma (Jennifer Morrison). He wondered if the thing that made Emma the savior wasn’t breaking the curse, but giving birth to Henry. Pan knew Henry was descended from the greatest of light and dark magic. It was destiny Henry created.

Pan pulled out a piece of paper and asked Henry to open it. The paper had been in his possession for a long time, and supposedly had the face of the savior on it. Henry threw the paper on the ground. He refused to believe Pan, as Pan told Henry he reminded him of his father.

After Pan left, Henry picked up the paper on the ground. He unrolled it to reveal his own face. What will Henry’s next move be?