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Perkie's Observations: Morgan Wants an Annulment From Kiki on General Hospital!

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Carly’s upset that Derek knocked out Franco. She reminded him that Franco just had brain surgery and demands to know why they were boxing each other.   Neither man tells her that they were fighting over her, so Carly helps Franco leave.

Sam wonders what Alexis needs her consent for.  Alexis explains the possibility of Julian Jerome being Sam’s father and that she got a DNA sample from Lucas.   Sam agrees to take the test and to get some closure.

Morgan asks Diane’s help with an annulment.  She recommends Sonny’s lawyer, but Morgan says his father is out of his life. He then explains what happened at the wedding reception.  Morgan claims his father only cares about Michael, but Diane disagrees.  Diane extols Sonny’s virtues and claims he loves all his children equally.

Morgan doesn’t want to hear it and asks again about the annulment.  Diane feels she may be able to make a case for an annulment by claiming that Kiki abandoned the marriage.  Morgan begs her not to take Michael’s side. Diane admits she has a soft spot for Michael and blames herself for his going to prison. She promises Morgan that she will help him.

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Kiki explains to Sonny what little Silas told her;  that he never met Ava’s brother, but that Ava used to brag about him and say he was connected.  Later, Sonny and Shawn discuss this and wonder if Ava’s brother was Julian and if Julian is alive.

Ava goes to Julian and asks him to sign the documents as her silent partner so that she can show Franco’s work.  Julian’s not thrilled, but she points out that they could make a lot of money. Julian eventually realizes that he might like making money off of Franco.   Julian mentions vying for Carly’s attention, which shocks Ava.  Julian feels he can get information out of Sonny’s ex.

Carly takes Franco to his hotel suite instead of the hospital.  She warns him that he can’t sleep for fear of a concussion.  Franco leans in for a kiss, but Carly stops it. She asks about his relationship with Diane.  Franco swears he’s not sleeping with Diane.

Diane arrives demanding Franco’s attention, and Carly angrily leaves.  Carly heads over to the gym to ask Derek out for lunch.

Kiki wonders if she should ask her mother about a possible brother, but doesn’t know where to find Ava.  Michael tells her that Ava and Morgan are living together.   Kiki thinks they need to get Morgan away from Ava, because she doesn’t want him to be hurt.  Michael wonders why Ava is with Morgan. Kiki agrees that her mother has an agenda and that Morgan is getting in over his head.

Morgan finds Ava’s contract and sees that Derek Wells is her silent partner.

Sonny and Shawn discuss how Derek and Ava have been seen together and wonder if Derek is really Julian Jerome.