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Scotty Baldwin Kicks Off Campaign to Become D.A. on General Hospital

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Get ready to see more of General Hospital fan favorite Kin Shriner onscreen. Shriner's character Scotty Baldwin is set to launch his campaign to become Port Charles' District Attorney once again and clean up the city's mob problem. TV Guide Magazine caught up with Shriner to talk about Scotty's storyline.

TV Guide Magazine: Should Scotty win the election, will he use — or, more likely, abuse — his power to get back at Luke?

Shriner: If he can't have the girl and live happily ever after, he may as well be the disgruntled, wisecracking, fast-talking lawman and make Spencer miserable! He also plans to bring down that mobster Sonny Corinthos, who got Scott's daughter involved in drugs and stripping. He also needs to do something about the ineffectual PC police department headed by Anna Devane. And now we've got even more mobsters in town with this Ava and Julian Jerome. Of course, Scotty can't really fix this mess. [Laughs] If we clean up the town, we got no show!

Read the entire interview at TV Guide.

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