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Perkie's Observations: Faison Meets His Grandson

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Robin worries that she won’t be able to replicate the cure in time to save Jerry, which means death for her.  She’s thrilled when Anna shows up, but is only disappointed when Dr. Obrecht reveals herself under the Anna mask. Robin is shocked to see Faison with Dr. Obrecht.

Robert’s determined to leave the hospital despite Mac’s objections.  Robert admits he’s worried about Anna. Mac wonders where Anna went.  He wants Robert to tell him what’s happening because he wants to help.  Anna arrives, but tells Mac that she can’t tell him anything yet. She asks to speak with Robert alone.

Sonny summons Duke to ask about his history with Julian Jerome. Shawn explains that Julian’s name came up recently. Duke is adamant that Julian died in a gunfight all those years ago and that Robert identified the body. Duke is certain that Julian is truly dead.  Sonny asks about Derek and says he’d appreciate any inside information. Duke says he hardly knows Derek.

Patrick tells Sabrina that he wants to talk to Anna about the phone call, despite Sabrina’s warnings not to get Anna’s hopes up for nothing. Patrick is certain he heard Robin’s voice. Sabrina tells him that his mind was playing tricks on him and that it was likely a wrong number.  Patrick doesn’t believe the coincidence of a wrong number saying Robin’s name.  Sabrina thinks someone wanted him to think it was Robin.

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Britt doesn’t understand why they’re heading to Greece if her father is in a prison in Switzerland.  Nik explains that Helena had dealings with Faison in the past and that the island is a perfect place for someone to hide out.  Britt is certain that her mother is capable of  breaking Faison out of prison.

Anna tells Robert that Faison admitted Robin was alive, but that Dr. Obrecht got the best of her before she could find out more.  Anna is angry with herself for being distracted and letting the criminals escape.   Anna worries that Faison is playing a game with her, knowing which buttons to push and that Robin may not be alive.  Robert reminds her that he saw Robin alive as he watched her being wheeled away, unable to help her.

Nikolas calls Anna and tells her about the video and thinking Dr. Obrecht is on Cassadine Island.  He tells her that he and Britt are headed there now, but Anna warns them to stay away, that it’s too dangerous.  Nikolas tells Britt they need to wait, but she’s determined to find her son.

Shawn believes Duke, that Julian is truly dead, but Sonny doesn’t.  He says he has a gut feeling that something is going on.

Robin is shocked to hear that Faison is Ben’s grandfather. Faison mentions Anna. Robin demands to know what happened and is thrilled to hear that Robert is awake and remembers seeing her.  Dr. Obrecht isn’t worried because she feels Anna wouldn’t believe anything Faison told her and has no idea where to find Robin.  Robin claims her parents are the best at what they do and is certain they’ll find her.

Robert is determined to go with Anna, but she’s worried that he’s not strong enough to travel.  Robert says he’s failed Robin before and needs to be the hero now.  Anna worries about Mac but Mac arrives and tells them that he needs to get back to Port Charles because of Maxie.  Robert insists he’s going with Anna.