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SPOILERS: Will Adam's Guilt Lead to a Confession on The Young and the Restless?

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Adam: The Newman blacksheep’s guilt over Delia’s death continues to eat away at him. Even though Adam is torn up he keeps mum about the accident, because he doesn’t want to be torn away from Connor. Adam attempts to give Billy his condolences, but that just ain’t flying with the grieving Abbott playboy. Later, Adam gets corneas off the black market for Connor, but they don’t fit the little guy.


Adam and Chelsea’s prayers are answered, as they receive a perfect match from the donor registry. The donation is courtesy of Billy and Chloe, after the two find out from Chelsea all about Connor needing a donor. Adam is beside himself when he learns Connor’s sight has been saved by the little girl he assumes he ran over.

Nikki/Avery: The socialite and the legal ace have a nasty spat. Later, Nikki is very bothered by the venomous attitude Nick lobs at Dylan. Nikki decides to keep quiet a little longer about being Dylan’s real mother. 

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