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Perkie's Observations: Obrecht Wants to Clear Up Faison's "Blockage" on General Hospital

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Liesl wants to raise Ben with Faison, but he wonders how Britt will react.  Dr. Obrecht changes and tries to flirt her way into Faison’s bed.  Faison is not interested, but Dr. Obrecht begs.  Faison makes a request, that she wear the Anna mask. She gets angry that he would ask this of her after everything she’s done for him.  Liesl slaps Faison and storms out.

Nikolas and Britt arrive at the compound and are stopped by a guard, who’s quick to apologize once he realizes it’s Nik.  The guard tells him that not only had Dr. Obrecht being staying at the compound, but so has Jerry Jacks.

Jerry notices that the baby is gone and wonders what Robin did with him.  She tells him that his grandparents came for him. Jerry gets angry that Faison escaped because it means the WSB is on his tail. Jerry figures he’s not going to get the cure in time. He decides to cut his losses and go home to his mother.  He decides he needs to kill Robin for not living up to her end of the bargain. Robin tells him there may be another way to be cured.

Patrick tells Elizabeth that he and Sabrina had a fight and explains about the call he received.   He swears it was Robin’s voice even though he knows it can’t be.  Liz says she understands his grief and that she used to see Jake everywhere after he died.  Liz says she finally realized it wasn’t fair to Cam and Aiden and had to move on.  Liz tells Patrick that it’s not fair to hold onto Robin, since she’s not coming back.

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Sabrina accuses Carlos of making the prank call to Patrick, which Carlos denies.  Sabrina says he’s trying to undermine her relationship with Patrick.  Carlos is upset that she would think him capable of something like that.  Sabrina tells him to back off and leave her and Patrick alone.  When Sabrina gets home, Patrick proposes.

Luke is living it up on a return flight to Port Charles, much to Tracy’s annoyance. She’s worried that Luke may not be as cured as he thinks he is especially since Jerry didn’t trust his own doctor.  Tracy thinks the doctor may be in trouble and maybe they should return to the island to collect him.  Luke refuses to risk their lives returning to the island.

Robin tells Jerry she needs a blood sample from the man he gave the cure to, in order to recreate the cure for Jerry.  Jerry admits Luke was the patient and that he and Tracy have left.   Jerry decides to head back to Port Charles to get a sample of Luke’s blood.  Robin begs him to take her with him, saying he’ll need her help.

Nikolas tells the guard to round up all the unwanted guests.  He tells Britt to stay put while he tries to find Jerry.

Dr. Obrecht runs into Britt, who knocks out her mother on her way to finding Ben with Faison.

Nikolas gets into the lab and is shocked to find Robin.