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Scandal Recap: “Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington”

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A woman named Mary hired Olivia Pope & Associates to look into a family matter. When Olivia (Kerry Washington) realized she cleared out her bank account, Olivia got suspicious. 

She followed Mary to a “meeting on the Hill,” where it turned out Mary had turned herself into a human bomb and taken a congressman hostage.  Olivia found herself prisoner as well, but began negotiating with the FBI for a safe resolution.  

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Several months ago Mary’s son had been killed in an FBI raid because he was a terrorist.  Mary refused to believe it, and wanted answers.  The government refused to declassify his file, so that’s why Mary took extreme measures. 

Olivia was trying to call in all her favors, but the President doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.  The FBI tried to make the son look guilty, but OPA didn’t buy it.  David Rosen (Joshua Malina) also got on the case and strong-armed Cyrus (Jeff Perry) into telling him the truth, after Cyrus’ failed attempt to strong-arm David into disappearing.  It was just David being a BAMF, basically.

Eventually David and Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) called Olivia with the truth.  Mary’s son was undercover CIA who had infiltrated a terrorist cell, and recruited 57 other undercover operatives to the cell.  The FBI had mistakenly killed him in the raid, and because it would blow all the others’ covers, Mary could never know the truth. 

Olivia was devastated, but she lied and told Mary her son really was a terrorist.  Mary broke down, kicked Olivia and the congressman out, and blew herself up. 

Mellie (Bellamy Young) and Fitz openly hate each other now, at least in front of Cyrus. They’re bickering was driving Cyrus crazy, especially since they refused to play “happy family” in front of the press.  After Olivia survived the bombing, Mellie got drunk.  Fitz thought she’d be sad, but Mellie was celebrating.  She wouldn’t be able to live with if Olivia turned into a martyr for Fitz to further worship. 

The childish bickering between the unhappily married couple was funny!  Although, I would really hope a real life POTUS would have more emotionally maturity than Fitz seems to possess.  I really don’t understand why Fitz has to be so hateful towards Mellie.  He didn’t want to live in Vermont and be married to Olivia.  Fitz wanted to be president.  He really doesn’t know how lucky he is to have Mellie. They are a fantastic political marriage. 


Huck (Guillermo Diaz) called in sick to OPA, and tailed Eli (Joe Morton).  Huck intended to kill him, but Eli was too smart for that.  Instead, a callous Eli manipulated Huck into murdering a man who threatened to talk about “Operation Remington.”  Huck later confessed to Olivia what he’d done.  She seemed relieved (or maybe, less horrified, would be more appropriate) that Huck didn’t kill her dad.

Huck is one giant hot mess right now.  He’s so broken that I’m really finding it hard to believe he ever matched the psych profiles to become a trained assassin in the first place.  He needs a ton of therapy, like yesterday.

Meanwhile, Jake was recuperating at Olivia’s.  He looked a lot better after a shower.  He was also strangely into making their reunion into some romcom with Olivia as his White Knight lady-love.  Although he’d only began a relationship with her on orders from Eli, it was thinking of her that got him through being in the hole. 

Olivia demanded to know why Eli released him.  Jake swore he wasn’t returned to spy on Olivia for her father.  He didn’t know why exactly Eli released him.  A concerned Olivia knew there must be a reason, and soon she had Jake worrying too. 

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