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Perkie's Observations: Patrick Proposes to Sabrina on General Hospital

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Nikolas is shocked to find Robin alive.  Robin’s thrilled to see Nikolas and gives him a hug.  Robin explains that Jerry took her to work on a cure and that she’s been waiting all this time for someone to find her.  Robin thinks Patrick understood her phone call and sent Nik. However, he tells her that no one knows she’s alive.  Nik explains that he came with Britt to find the baby.  Robin says she took care of the baby, for Patrick but Nik tells her that Patrick isn't’ the father.

Britt demands Faison give her back her son, but he says she can’t be trusted to rear him properly.  Faison is thrilled to finally have a male heir, but Britt tells him the baby is not his flesh and blood.  Faison wonders if Britt means that she’s not his daughter. She says she is, but that the baby has none of his DNA.

Anna and Robert arrive on Cassadine Island.  Robert wants them to split up to find Robin, but Anna wants them to find Robin together.  They stumble upon Dr. Obrecht.  Anna demands to know where Robin is.  Liesl tells her that Robin is dead, but Robert is quick to say that he saw her with Robin.  Anna tells her what Faison said, but Liesl is angry with Faison and how he wanted to replace her with Anna.  Anna tries to convince Dr Obrecht to help them get back at Faison by telling the truth.

Lulu tells Alexis that Maxie wants to take the baby away from her even though Maxie told her she wanted Lulu to raise the baby.  Alexis says Lulu’s chances of keeping the baby are not good. The contract Maxie signed was for the baby that was miscarried. Lulu’s desperate to hang onto the baby, and wonders if she can sue Maxie for custody.

Spixie ask Diane’s help in getting the baby back.  Diane is aware of the situation, but is quick to demonize Maxie for her actions and her treatment of Spinelli.  Maxie admits she behaved poorly but is grateful the truth is out.

Sabrina is shocked at Patrick’s marriage proposal, certain that he’s not ready to move on.  Patrick assures her that he has accepted Robin’s passing and that Liz helped him see that the phone call was not from Robin.  Sabrina admits that she accused Carlos.  Patrick claims he can have a life without Robin and that he loves Sabrina and want a life with her.  He proposes again and Sabrina accepts.

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Diane assures Spixie that they have the law on their side and can accuse Lante of kidnapping.  She suggests they file a court order to surrender the baby since the courts tend to lean towards the biological parents.    Maxie tells Diane to get the court order, that she will do whatever it takes to get her daughter back.

Alexis doesn’t think the judge would grant them the baby since they tend to rule in favor of the biological parents.  Lulu wonders if they should take the baby and run. Alexis warns against that.  Alexis says if Lulu can prove that Spixie are unfit parents, but questions whether Lulu would want to do that to her best friend

Lulu feels that Maxie is no longer her friend, after everything she’s done.  Lulu decides she’s going to tell every bad thing Maxie has ever said and done, so that the judge awards them custody. Lulu doesn’t want to lose the baby and tells Alexis that she’ll do whatever it takes.  

Faison doesn’t understand how Ben can be Britt’s son, but not be his flesh and blood.  Britt says she carried the child but he’s not hers biologically.  Faison accuses her of lying and trying to trick him.  Britt demands he give her her son.

Nikolas decides to go and find Dr. Obrecht and the baby and tells Robin to stay put.  Robin insists that she’s not going to stay in the lab any longer and the two head out together.

Dr. Obrecht tells Anna that both Robin and Britt’s baby are in the lab.  Robert knocks her back out and the two head down to the lab, which they find empty.  Anna spots the photo of Patrick and Emma and realizes that Robin has been there.

Nik and Robin find Dr. Obrecht knocked out.  Robin keeps guard over her while Nikolas heads off to find Britt.  Faison is determined to leave with the baby, but Nikolas stops him before he can.